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Hairy -

Beloved Ben Beever

It is with immense sadness and shock that i learned yesterday of the tragic death of Ben Beever.
If you are anything like me, your first reaction will be of total disbelief.

He fell from his balcony at home in chorlton in the early hours of saturday morning.
Emergency services were unable to save him and he died without regaining consciousness.
He had spent the evening with his flatmates.

I last saw Ben the night before for a hugely enjoyable game of bridge.

A huge number of you will have been profoundly touched by Ben throughout the years we have known him.
His influence has been immeasurable in the juggling and bridge worlds as well as his many many other activities.

I shall miss him so much. In bridge at least, he was my North, my South, my East and West.

After talking with his mum,Pru,today, i have learned that the funeral will take place in Chorlton, Manchester.
The date and time are not yet known but everybody is welcome to attend and i will post details as soon as available.
Nigel Schaay can be contacted at nigel [@] for any co-ordination efforts of people wanting to attend.

The Void - - Parent

Oh crap.
Ben, you were nuts in several ways, but great fun to know, a juggling innovator and inspiration to so many. Goodbye.

Little Paul - - Parent

Holy crap!

It's going to take a while for that one to sink in. I'm stunned.

charlieh - - Parent

Alex and I spent time with him in the sauna this year at Bungay, we had a lovely chat. I didn't know him well but he was a constant and cheery feature at so many conventions I've been to, and a damn fine juggler as well. We'll miss him.

It's Him - - Parent

This is ghastly news. I got to know Ben pretty well over the last few Bristol/Broxford conventions and am greatly saddened to read this. I will miss him as I'm sure will many others. His great good humour and friendliness made him more than just an outstanding juggler.


Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Oh for fucks sakes, if my juggler mates have to keep doing this, could it at least be the old ones? This is all kinds of tragic. Hairy, I have absolutely no idea what sort of shape your head must be in right now but just call me if you need a chunter any time.

I'm shaking. Vale Ben.

JonPeat - - Parent

Utter disbelief...
My deep sympathy to Bens family and close friends.

I knew Ben to speak to at conventions and always enjoyed his company, but I wouldn't say we were close.

I will miss him.

peterbone - - Parent

In shock. Ben was basically my juggling hero, obviously a great inspiration to me and a friend. I would often get mistaken for him at conventions. I'll miss him a lot.

lukeburrage - - Parent


Not much to add right now. Maybe later.

Ewano - - Parent

I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face. I have no words.

Mini - - Parent

Can people please stop fucking dying

Greg Phillips - - Parent

Wow. Just...

Ben and I corresponded many times, about his siteswap book and other related juggling geekery. I only met him the once but he left a deep impression. Feeling for his family and close friends. He will truly be missed.

Orinoco - - Parent

I don't want to believe it.

I only knew Ben from brief chats at a handful of conventions. Such a diversely talented man, I don't think we ever once talked about juggling. He was always lots of fun & charmingly humble.

Thanks for letting us know Hairy. Hope you are ok.

Mini - - Parent

Over the past 2 years i have known

2 Cancer victims
1 Brain tumor
1 Liver failure
1 Heart attack
1 Suicide
and now one accidental death.

These are people who where friends, associates, or in the peripheral of my vision, but every one of them in some way touched me, some even helped shape me.

I am bored of death now. selfish as that sounds. Grieving is tiring


can everyone please, please restrict their deaths to taking place by natural causes due to being really really old.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Oh no! This is sad news :(.

I have met Ben only once, but had great fun jumping trampoline together (of all things....)

Monte - - Parent

Oh shit. I got to know Ben first through poker and later through playing table tennis. In all the time I've known him I never once saw any sign of malice. Such a sweet guy and a real free spirit.
Hairy I can't imagine how you must be feeling, ring me if you need to talk.
I had 5 games of table tennis (Ben 5 Monte 0) and a couple of cups of tea at this years Bungay. I wish now I had spent more time with him.
Ben Beever I loved you and will miss you dearly.


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