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7b_wizard -

Do you have a "favourite" trick(s) or siteswap(s) or trick-family ..
a) that you can do,
b) that you would like to master some day,
c) that you find amazing, even though you'll - most likely - never do it?

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

I'd like to be able to run a crossed inverted box with the 2x behind my neck/head. The first time I tried it it felt like I could almost do it and it wouldn't take too much practice. Beginners luck I think, I still can't do it at all. It would have a wonderful 'nunchaku' like motion if run smoothly. I'd really love to be able to do it. I wonder can anyone else do it.. I expect they can.

Mike Moore - - Parent

Yikes, that sounds tough. I'll try to remember to give that some time, I think it'd be mental.

Something similar I've thought about was a box with the 2x behind the head, and the 4s thrown and caught behind the shoulder (the throw is like a shoulder throw, the catch is like a reverse shoulder throw).

Mike Moore - - Parent

a) My favourite trick that I do is probably inverted box. It's the new cascade.

b) 4b dots and high-low-around inverted box

c) The 3b stack. Truly awesome, in an I-don't-want-to-open-that-can-of-worms type of way.

JackJuggles - - Parent

I can do a 4 ball backcross flash.
I would like to be able to do 5 ball pirouettes and backcrosses.
Some of the tricks being attempted with 9 balls. I've seen 7 up 180s, and 360s to a collect, 6 overhead throws, and a backcross flash.

noslowerdna - - Parent

a) Frostbite
b) Crossed column inverted box
c) 4b mess siteswaps like 534 and 633

Quinn_Lewis - - Parent

a) Inline 3 (and variations)
b) Cross-arm Luke's Shuffle
c) Inline 4 (has anyone done it yet?)

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

I'd like to see some variations of 3b Inline.. what kind are there? I've seen the Murakami one with the 'take out' and I've seen it done on both sides.

Brook Roberts - - Parent

I've worked a little bit on doing it on siteswap 3, or transitioning which hand is on top.
I can do neither well.

I've also performed one-up pirrouettes which look cool, but really aren't hard assuming you can do the base trick well. I would love a three up, but found it super tricky getting height on all three (whilst in a line still, obviously!). I was going for the method of push the bottom two up, then the highest one - the reverse would feel a bit cheating to me, but probably easier.

Mike Moore - - Parent

Gah, people taking down videos makes me think I'm going crazy. I am ~99 % sure asf360 had a video a couple minutes long of inline 3 variations.

I have a few inline 3 variations, one of which was included in a video I made to answer a question from Quinn (who has some nice inline 3 variations, but all of his videos are on Facebook):

noslowerdna - - Parent

It's called 360 and still public.

(I found it by a Google search finding your comment on

Mike Moore - - Parent

Ah, thank you. I guess I shouldn't have skipped that one when searching this morning.

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

That's a nice one (1:04). The 'levels' bit at the top slots in really well with the inline, like the pattern is quickly stretched.

noslowerdna - - Parent

I've managed some "slow" variations with 1 or 2 inline throws mixed into some other pattern framework... but that's about it.

mrawa - - Parent

Family of tricks... probably shuffles, slams, and multiplexes

Favourite tricks:
1. Singapore Shuffle - As it was the first "what the hell" trick I was taught.
2. My own variation on a both-sided Georgian Shuffle, all catches clawed.
3. The Kraken

7b_wizard - - Parent

[Service, 3. "The Kraken" :] .. and - to see if he does it right ..

mrawa - - Parent

I did learn that one from Library of Juggling...

7b_wizard - - Parent

thread's still open .. [make it #endlessthread before I forget]


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