[VIDEO] Zack Hunt - a season juggling film

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Norbi -

[VIDEO] Zack Hunt - a season juggling film

Almost abandoned the project due to the weather, but came back and finished the job later. Read more about that here!
Otherwise, enjoy...



JackJuggles - - Parent

It's a great video, but do you juggle anything other than 3 clubs?

Norbi - - Parent

Personally I don't juggle clubs at all. It was however my choice to stick to 3 clubs. After going through the shot list it was 80% 3 clubs, and I didn't like how it flowed when occasionally having a couple more or less, so I decided to keep it aesthetically simple.

Orinoco - - Parent

0:32 to 0:39 is particularly pleasing!

david - - Parent

I liked how the seasons changed and the juggler didn't seem to.


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