In having quite a bit of trouble learning 5 balls.

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JackJuggles -

In having quite a bit of trouble learning 5 balls. I know it takes a lot of practice, but I still cannot do it. I've broken 50 catches twice, my record is 61 catches.
My question is, how do I structure my practice for 5 balls? I normally do 5 catches 10x in a row, then 10 catches 7x in a row, then 15 catches 5x in a row, then 20 catches 3x in a row. After that I would just run it. Any suggestions on how to structure my 5 ball practice? Thanks
P.S as I said, I know 5 balls takes a lot of work. I am not discouraged, so please don't tell me just hard work

trebuchet - - Parent

You've almost tripled your record from a month ago, I'd say you're doing fine.

Orinoco - - Parent

Do you have any idea what is causing your pattern to fail? Throw consistency? Timing? Endurance?

7b_wizard - - Parent

Sounds to me - but I may be wrong - that you're doing the exactly same pattern over and over again. So, when you fail a throw (only slightly?), you're pattern is lost with few skill to get back into ground-state?   Have you considered doing some preliminary 3b varying high, highest, wider \\ more narrow, low & as fast as you can keep it up? .. Or even do that with 5b, in order to gain control?

7b_wizard - - Parent

Do you grasp the balls with your whole hand? Can you try to form a basket with your fingers and not grasp the balls, just sustain them with the thumb? .. somewhat looser, nimbler - only a bit - so to say ..

^Tom_ - - Parent

I've never been a big fan of pyramid training, especially beyond very early progress with a pattern.

After "getting" the basics of a pattern such as 5b, there are at least 2 further stepping stones:
1) correcting bad throws & correcting twist
2) learning to relax and breath / blink

Both of these, but particularly 2), might not be obvious if you're stopping your runs earlier than these 2 limits when training. I'd focus on #2, even when doing only 5 or 10 catches. Try breathing and blinking consciously while juggling.

And I second what was said about varying it a bit. I tried practising 5 balls much lower than normal and much higher than normal, and then when doing it normally I felt as though I had the reflexes and the speed from practising low, as well as the accuracy from practising high, to not feel on the limit so much.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi again, ..
.. I saw, you're very good at 4b fountain (512 c recorded), so .. if you just try 6b fountain (!) - just for a try and only a few minutes before or after a session - .. even if it fails (!) .. every run more than 6 throws, will have you think bigger / higher, and 5b will seem lower, slower and a good bit easier for sure.
What U think? Will you give it a try? :o)
                                               [ that .. ↑ .. 's a nose ]

JackJuggles - - Parent

Yes I will. I'm guessing I do it async?

7b_wizard - - Parent

Can't state on that .. 4b and 6b is actually not my terrain (maybe s.o. else). - The idea was just to make use of your 4b skills to do a higher number using the same pattern, fountain, which would then be 6b.
Obvious would be to do it just in the way you do the 4b fountain.

- either doing it preliminary to 5b cascade: just a few even failed tries \ attempts would be enough for your mind & brain & hands & eyes to have that "seen-&-done-such-heights-and-speed-before"-effect when, later, you do 5b.
- or, you might (?) find 6b even easier (!), than 5b, just because that suits you more?! .. you'd then maybe have better successes with 6b ..


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