Bit thin on the ground again last night.

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Orinoco -

Bit thin on the ground again last night. Did a lot of juggling which given my poor form was not really a good thing. Did get a fantastically smooth run of 20 catches of 3 club reverse back crosses with a clean finish though which I was very pleased with. Kevin was trying to break a record for long lateral distance idling. Archie asked for a three ball trick of the week (we're not doing very well at keeping up with that) so I demonstrated the Statue of Liberty. Inevitably some of the old hands of the club complained that it was too hard. We finished off the evening eating iced doughnuts supplied by Archie's mum who had been stalking the discount ticketing person in Sainsburys & managed to pick up a dozen doughnuts for 15p. Win!

How's the new kitten then Kev?!


Topper - - Parent

I will let you know when I have finished cooking it.

^Tom_ - - Parent

I miss the concept of a ticketing person in a shop.

People around here go crazy about doughnuts for about a week early in the year, and the best deal I've seen was something like 10 for the price of 9*, where the starting price was fairly hefty.

*or maybe it was 20 for the price of 19.


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