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ejwysz -

Juggling as low as possible.

I often get sidetracked in practice and start doing fun stuff like trying to juggle as low as I can. I've seen Luke's videos of flashing numbers really low so I know I'm not the only one.

I wish this was more easily measured because it's so entertaining to do and low patterns look awesome when ran.

Anyone else do this? What other strange things do you practice when you start feeling burnt out on "normal" stuff?

peterbone - - Parent

Instead of measuring height, why not count how many catches you can do in a given period of time or time how long it takes to do a given number of catches. That will correlate directly with height, but be easier to measure (from a video). There have been a few online competitions based on that in the past.

Little Paul - - Parent

Ahh, happy memories of that Liverpool convention with Ben Beever and Luke having a numbers competition under something like a 7ft ceiling..

"Rotate slowly!"

Mike Moore - - Parent

"What other strange things do you practice when you start feeling burnt out on "normal" stuff?"

I do weird 1 and 2 ball things. Many of them are body stall transfers, some of them are interesting throws/catches.

Example 1 - With hand A, throw a stacked duplex as a backcross, but have one ball hit your shoulder blade and remain behind your back. With hand B, catch the behind the back ball, then the ball in front of you.

Example 2 - Throw a stacked duplex from hand A, bounce the bottom ball off of arm B's elbow, and catch both balls as a squeeze catch in hand B. This could be made a little harder by doing a split multiplex, but still ending in a squeeze.

7b_wizard - - Parent

"other things" .. yeah, Ur arms are burning or like pudding or whatever You do or wanna do won't come right, but U still have the lust for juggling. (If - after pausing shortly to reflect what the reason is for failing, but am too washed-up to retry, ..) I like to do ("Ahnd now to something compleeetely different" lol ;o]) e.g. multiplexes .. they are a way of handling lotsa balls with less height & effort and multiplexes are easy when concentrating on one ball going where only - the other balls will (with gotting used to where they go and controlling it with the 'main ball') .. will go always same where they belong automatically(!). Like 5b-splits done with crossed arm-throws or as windmill are great and feel so greedy ;o) .. or I go over (back) from "numbers" to "tricks" with less i.e. 5b and do some 5b reachovers for a while .. or 5b backcrosses .. maybe do a little contact stuff .. anything, I haven't done for a while.


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