Ring/ball holsters for numbers.

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ejwysz -

Ring/ball holsters for numbers.

It's gotten to the point that I need to make some (for balls) now. I've only seen them in videos, and even then they are usually being worn at numbers juggling video-capturable distance. So I've got nothing.

Does anyone have any experience on how these are constructed? Or even a close-up picture of one?

Orinoco - - Parent

The only ring holsters I've seen use a semicircle that the ring sits in. I've never understood why anyone uses these. They are big & bulky so you risk hitting them with your hands while juggling & they look ridiculous.

This amusingly awful ExpertVillage-esque video shows you how to make a holster from a fat ring.


There are many many things wrong with this video, aside from not knowing the difference between a hack saw & a coping saw. If you want to go this route & you can't see any problem with how he doesn't mark anything out, clamps the ring, uses the saw or holds the ring he is cutting with his hand then you need to get someone to help you.

Mr Babache make a velcro ring holster which I probably wouldn't like because you need to rip the ring out with force which would affect your throw.

If I was a ring juggler (which I'm really not) & got to the point of juggling enough rings to warrant a holster (which I never will) I'd probably do something like this:


Find yourself a sheet of plastic, the side of a big shampoo or fabric softener bottle for example.

Cut two the above template out. Sew two buttons that match the size of the two large holes of the upside down keyhole so that they line up with the holster (line up where you want the holster to hang while you are wearing the trousers, mark the position where the buttons need to be with chalk).

Slip the holster over the buttons so that it is held securely with the top of the parallelogram tabs pointing forwards so that they face the direction of release. It might be worth rounding off the corners so you don't jab yourself.

If you find yourself getting into 14 ring territory you can create longer holsters with more tabs to hold more rings.

I've never seen any ball holsters for regular balls nor can I imagine a real need for them. They can make sense for oversize balls as performed by Dmitry Chernov (who is the only person I have ever seen who makes any type of juggling holster look good).


Orinoco - - Parent

...& for the sake of nostalgia:


Do you think we could get John to host a public show?

Little Paul - - Parent

"Hi this is joooohn and in this clip we'll be lubricating the snowblower"


ejwysz - - Parent

Very awesome stuff with the ring holsters. The semicircles are exactly the ones I've seen. And isn't their use simply because you can't separate more than 5 rings in each hand? Below 11 objects though, I agree with you on them being pointless.

Velcro holsters sound like a terrible idea, especially if you're intended to use them with such high numbers. I honestly can't see anyone doing that.

I'm not really a ring person either, so my use IS actually for regular size balls. I just can't hold and release more than 4 in each hand with any grip that I have ever seen, and I want to start working on 9. There's my problem.

I juggle ~78mm Russian balls and have no desire to switch props (especially to beanbags). My hands are normal size and I don't get how people can do the diamond pyramid grip. The back ball is just loose out there for me. For 4 in each hand I just use the pyramid grip and that works great, but alas.

MikeBanks - - Parent


There is also the pyramid cascade some people use to start 9.

I use norwiks and I just put one on top of the diamond (I posted some pictures of it a while back https://www.jugglingedge.com/forum.php?ThreadID=1834&SmallID=13031#Small13031 - if that works???)

If you have no grip on the back ball of your diamond is it the first one you throw?

ejwysz - - Parent

Oh, no I can't release 5 of my balls from 1 hand in any grip. When I try to use what seems to be the normal grip for 5 IOH the ball in the back is loose as well as the top one and it doesn't work.

But I've tried both of what you suggested and the pyramid cascade seems much more controlled than a kickup for me. I've watched a few David Ferman videos to get technique on it and we'll see how it goes.

MikeBanks - - Parent

Sorry, I meant when you hold four in a diamond without a fifth one involved which do you throw first. But I guess you probably use a pyramid for four in one hand.

What I'm basically getting at is that you might be able to secure the back ball of your diamond grip with a small change in technique. I'm holding the back ball just using my pinky finger.

Orinoco - - Parent

Rereading your original post again. Can you post some links to the videos you've seen featuring ball holsters.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Here is one
Also some guy who did 9 big balls on youtube used double (4) holsters.

^Tom_ - - Parent

The team-norwik approach for 9 does seem to be 8 in hands + kickup (a la: https://www.youtube.com/v/Zil53zvJGfg)

(Or 11 as 10 + kickup if you do your 10b from hands: https://www.youtube.com/v/KVaBaaKnECU)

peterbone - - Parent

Gatto demonstrated velcro ball holsters in To Be The Best. He was intending to use them for 11, but that's the only time I've seen him using them.

Johnathan Mundell - - Parent

I have trouble holding 4 rings in my left hand

lukeburrage - - Parent

Get a passpasse or renegade fat ring. Cut the ring in half. Cut off the inside part of each half of the ring. Fix ends to frame and onto belt. Put normal rings into the fat rings. Done.

Or that's how I did it.

Johnathan Mundell - - Parent

I am going to make holsters out of rings. my plan is to cut them in half then put them together in a semicircle. Any tips or help?

7b_wizard - - Parent

Have U tried holding the fifth ball in either ellbow (then let it drop or roll into the hand when needed) ?


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