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JackJuggles -

5 ball juggling help?
I can do a high 3 ball cascade, along with consecutive high flashes of 3, the 4 ball crossing pattern that's like left,right,right,left,left etc.etc. I won't get into any more patterns I can do that would help me with 5 because I can do them all, but unfortunately I still can't nail 5.
But my question is how should I practice? Should I do the pyramid practice, or master every throw?(btw my record is 22 catches)

Daniel Simu - - Parent

When I could do 22 catches, I thought I was nearly there... But it turned out to take another 1-2 years before I could run 20-30 seconds...

Good luck training!

Little Paul - - Parent

If you're topping out at 22 catches, there are two things you can check which usually cause people to fail around the 20-30 catch mark:
- check you're not holding your breath
- check you're still blinking

It's surprising how many people forget to breathe and blink when learning 5!

ejwysz - - Parent

Yes, the breathing is a big one. I still sometimes get that on my harder tricks.

Hm. Try juggling 5 low. Then really high. Even if it's just a short run.
Then do it with a short dwell time (where they only sit for an instant in your hands) and then a long one (where it is high and you hold onto them for a bit)

5 balls almost made me quit juggling, and the biggest problem I had was that I was trying to go too fast. I feel like this problem plagues jugglers with every new number they attempt. Take. It. Slow. In theory, it should actually be the same speed as the 3 ball cascade, just higher. You feel that?

And some people might disagree with me on this, but... Try flashing 7. Do it a lot. And then juggle 5. It will feel easy.

ejwysz - - Parent

Something else I missed - I never worried about specific practice methods. The one thing I will say is juggle until you feel the pattern start to fall apart, and then stop. Don't try to frantically keep it going - that will only be practicing mistakes and bad form. I never felt the need to build my runs 1 or 2 catches at a time with 5. That's boring.

trebuchet - - Parent

Doing any 3 or 4 ball pattern with 5s in it should help. If I remember correctly, doing 55550 and 5551 and combining them works great. 3 ball snake too. Even showers.

Also, it took me a long time to build the stamina for it. I believe I started getting good at it just as it stopped tiring me.

And practice every day.


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