Kev brought along my registration pack from the BJC plus a copy of the BJC…

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Orinoco -

Kev brought along my registration pack from the BJC plus a copy of the BJC Bugle (awesome, but needs a bigger picture of Tor ♥). I also had a presentation of some of his new toys. Those Royal Kendama are rather nice, & loving the dapper gentleman on the back of the box! Paul was also juggling some nice neon orange Henry's Grip clubs, which when passed with John's black Radical Fish (spit) looked like they were only passing 3 clubs because the contrast was so vivid. Kevin pulled off the hatstand trick 4 times out of 5 which was very impressive. His golf club balance is coming along very nicely too. I'm sure I used to be able to ride a 12 inch unicycle but several barrel rolls across the floor told me otherwise. It was good to see Archie doing the same. This was my first juggling session for 2½ weeks & it really showed, I was very sloppy but still did some pretty good work Alberts, runs of 5 & had a fun passing session with Simon.


Little Paul - - Parent

I forgot to mention the BJC Bugle in my review, which is a pity as I had a lot of fun filling in the crossword with Tom Derrick while the atrium was supposedly "closed" for the tech run of the international show, because a certain diva didn't want anyone to see him rehearse[1]

We started out trying to get our head around "how cryptic is this? Is it like a proper cryptic?" before noticing it was set by Guy & Susannah - at which point we agreed it was likely to be a proper cryptic crossword and started doing much better at getting clues.

[1] A routine which was so quitesentially "him" that we've effectively been watching him rehearse it for the last 5 years.

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peterbone - - Parent

The solo male acts I can think of are the Water on Mars guys and Florent. I would rule out Florent and Tony for doing unique acts. I'd like to know too, although I can kind of understand an artist not wanting to spoil any surprises.

The international stage was for me probably the best show I've ever seen, and that's with not being able to see well past the people sitting in front of me.

emilyw - - Parent

would have imagined that a proper diva would have completed rehearsing before showing up to the event.

although indeed, tech in front of half the audience is hardly ideal.


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