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JackJuggles -

Hey. I'm new to juggling edge. Learning 5 balls with a best of 12 catches I was just wondering if the best way to practice is to catche the flash ten times in a row, then move on to 6 catches ten times in a row etc. etc.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

That is the slowmotion method ;). Do two things: Practice in a way that you can keep control over your throws, body, posture, tongue.. If that means only flashing, or even only high throws with 3 do that.
And also: Push the limits! Break that record!
By combining these two, find your own balance, you'll probably progress faster than by some step system. Those systems sound nice, but have never proven any rapid progress...

mrawa - - Parent

I'm honestly not sure what you're suggesting here... sounds like regular practising to me.

My method for practising 5 came I think was from a workshop at BJC2012 with Steven Ragatz (maybe, I don't know the faces of jugglers). Basically juggle as best you can for as long as you can. Do it for at least 10 minutes a day everyday. If you can't correct, then as soon as your pattern goes wrong stop, you want to be training muscle memory with correct/near correct form first. Oh, and there's no such thing as a bad practise session, you need bad ones as well as good (how else will you learn to correct).

Needless to say I barely ever practiced...

The other way's I learn stuff in general is to have a fall back trick/save, which prevent the balls from falling and reduces "pick up time". I tend to do 5 ball splits for this. This also has the nice side effect of learning 5 ball splits as well at 5 ball cascade. You can also try standing on one leg to prevent moving forward or stand infront of a wall.

peterbone - - Parent

Daniel is suggesting two opposite ways of training, but not at the same time. I agree that it's a good strategy. Start off with the disciplined training method of doing a short number of throws that you know you won't fail on and focus on form and accuracy. Later, use the non disciplined method of running the trick for as long as you can until you drop.

Little Paul - - Parent

The best way to practice is the way you find the most fun. If it's not fun, you won't enjoy doing it. If you don't enjoy doing it you won't do it often. If you don't do it often you won't improve.

What that looks like varies a lot from juggler to juggler, and from month to month. Try all the approaches, see what works for you. Most importantly though, if you're not having fun, change it until you are :)

^Tom_ - - Parent

In addition to the other ideas, particularly with 5 balls I recommend mixing heights. Sometimes try it as low as fast as you can, sometimes as high as you can. I find that when you then return to the normal height, the accuracy demands are less than the high, and the speed is less than the low.

Low practice also made it easier for me to spot gaps and therefore imagine flight paths.

Trying to push these extremes with 4 balls at the same time as working normally on 5 should also help.

7b_wizard - - Parent

I suggest just a few minutes of preliminary 3b-stuff:
- very fast & very low (which practises the speed needed for 5b),
- varying wide / narrow (which practises avoiding collisions),
- pretty high for some time (which gets U used to a higher area to feed with balls as needed for 5b)
.. and l o o s e n Ur wrists ! .. the time spared with short dwell-time is sooo precious for doing 5b at
   ease in a soft rhythm and for correcting aswell.
.. permanently throw them an itch higher than U think.
.. and a i m well into that 5b-height-area !
.. and do it at a good speed, galloping just a little.
The problem and hurdle lies in catching up with two more ball's dwell-time.
Good luck & lotsa fun ! ;o)


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