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Sjors Stuurman -

Starting juggling 9 balls.

Hey guys, so I can juggle 7 balls for around 20 catches steadily now, I know that some of you will probably say I'm crazy to try 9 balls already, but I'm eager to continue and also hope it'll help with my 7 ball cascade.
But I have a little problem, I use Norwik Juggling balls, and I am not sure how to stary 9 balls with them. I've seen people do kick ups, but I'm not really into that, I'd love to do it from my hands. But then I'm not really sure how to hold 5 balls in one hand, I can fit 4 in a pyramid shape, but I have no place for the 5th. Any ideas?


The Void - - Parent

If you can fit 4 in a diamond, you can put one on top of those.

Orinoco - - Parent

Do any of these options help?:

ejwysz - - Parent

That's so weird... I forgot that I hold balls differently. I was taught through Anthony's videos and always release the front ball (held with the middle finger) first when launching 3-4 from one hand.

peterbone - - Parent

Agreed, Steven's 3 ball grip is unusual.

I don't think I've seen anyone start 9 Norwiks from the hands properly. In this video David Ferman starts 10 with one on his foot and one under his chin.

In this one he starts 9 by starting with a 3 ball cascade. It seems to work well.

Sjors Stuurman - - Parent

I think I'm gonna try starting it with the 3 ball cascade I think, there's no way I'm gonna be able to hold 5 balls in one hand.

MikeBanks - - Parent

Just thought I'd let you know, I use the diamond + one on top method and can get a little over a flash with 9 (but not yet a qualify). So it is definitely possible to get started without using a kickup or the pyramid cascade.

peterbone - - Parent

What size are you using? I know that Norwiks comes in a small and large size.

MikeBanks - - Parent

haha, the large ones. ;)

peterbone - - Parent

OK, next question: what's your hand span?

MikeBanks - - Parent

From pinky to thumb at full stretch (planted against a table) seems to be 23cm.

My left is slightly bigger - just over the 23cm mark.

I've just taken a few photos of my grip, I'll find some way to upload them soon.

Leo Ostenrath - - Parent

Its not from hand but you could try to juggle 3 balls on the 3 balls in your hands! Thats the way i do it.


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