There were only 5 of us at TWJC last night.

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Orinoco -

There were only 5 of us at TWJC last night. It's been a few years since we've had a turnout this poor. I blame Chris who has returned from a multiyear absence after starting a new job in Tunbridge Wells the day before. Shame because he brought cakes too! We jumped straight back in to his club passing education. He hasn't gotten any worse since we last saw him but his ability to throw the correct club after announcing, "I'm going to throw the white one" showed cause for concern. Kev brought along a black cane with silver top that he has been working on to improve the weight for various tricks. It works very well for balancing but the silver top needs to be made more secure for spinning tricks. I found using it as a devilstick was very difficult because of the off-centre weight, running a propellor did look pretty cool though. I suggested a subtle black band around the balance point that would be visible to the performer but not so much to the audience would help.



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