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Orinoco -

A while ago we were talking about the golf club trick & there was mention of some video footage of Jon Anton performing the trick. Quality is not brilliant because we've only just got this off of some old VHS tapes.

Here's a performance from 1986:

& a slightly better quality video from 1995:

Little Paul - - Parent


Little Paul - - Parent

Oh and...

Little Paul - - Parent

There are some aspects of his setup which I think I can learn from (the setup on the shoulder I like) and the bounce of the ball on the break down is interesting. I didn't expect that based on conversations I've had with Topper.

The bit I'm still looking for really is a nice way to break the trick down at the end. Jons solution of using the assistant is a neat one, I just need to train up an assistant.

I really liked seeing the plate spinning bit (I have a real soft spot for plate spinning acts) although I could have done with a little less shrieking :D

Awesome work getting those online, and a great way to break your 2K

Orinoco - - Parent

I liked the shoulder set up too (as opposed to placing the 3rd club directly on your head then the first two on top of that for those that don't know what we're on about) I can imagine that it will be easier to find the balance point of the finished assembly before placing it on your head rather than fumble about trying to find the balance point afterwards.

Plus visually there is less time spent obscuring your face from the audience with your hands.

Ian Marchant - - Parent

Afternoon Orinoco and Paul

Great stuff getting these videos up Orinoco they are fantastic, I love that trick. I have never found a way to get it into my shows as I don't use golf clubs for anything else and I have always found that trick the odd part of many acts that it has been in. I was performing a version of the balance using walking sticks that fitted with my show last Christmas as the "kicker" ending to my hat, ball and cane routine:

Let's keep the old school alive!!!!!

Little Paul - - Parent

Interesting walking stick variation there :)

I was talking to Robin Gunney ages ago about the golf club trick, and how it would fit in a show. He was telling me about a show he'd put together (but possibly never performed?) which was entirely made up of tricks with golf clubs and balls.

Included was a hat Robin had made which looked like a golf course. He would do the thing where you repeatedly bounce the ball off a sand wedge, then bounce the ball up, catch it on the hat, where it would roll down to a hole, drop in, and cause a little flag to raise up.

I really want to see the hat!

(apologies to Robin if I'm misremembering)

Ian Marchant - - Parent

Evening Paul, thanks for your appreciation.....I want to see Robin's hat also,I hope you are remembering the routine correctly as it sounds like a marvel!

Robin - - Parent

I just stumbled across this and I'm sad to report that the hat no longer exists. It got damaged in a move years back and became no more. It's something that has remained in my mind though and I have every intention of building a new golf course hat and reviving it at some point in the future :)

As for the golf show I'm afraid your memory isn't quite accurate. Rather than a whole show I instead worked on a golf section to fit into a longer show or possibly as a shorter stand alone act (although I only ever performed it as part of a longer street show). It was only about 10 minutes of stuff and basically consisted of a few bouncing tricks, the golf course hat, juggling 2 golf clubs and a golf ball (with a bouncing start and two different length golf clubs juggled with different techniques) and a version of the golf club balance which consisted of one club balanced horizontally on top of a second vertical club balanced on the head and a golf ball balanced on the handle of the top club. Hope that satisfies your curiosity!

Little Paul - - Parent

Hi Robin,

Thanks for clearing that up, my mental model of the act was based on a half remembered conversation from BJC last year :) I remember you describing that version of the golf club trick to me, I don't think I've encountered anyone else who quite does that variation.

It'll come in handy as a data point for when I get around to writing my big document that records who did which variation, using which version of the 'technique' - which is one of those documents I want to write, but never publish (because it would contain too much information about the "how" of various peoples versions, and the magician in me says that shouldn't ever be published in detail, without their explicit permission to do so.

See you at Bungay?

Robin - - Parent

Possibly Bungay... I might be able to make it for the last weekend but I'm not sure yet :(

It's Him - - Parent

Bouncing a ball on a wedge (especially an over-sized version) isn't that difficult (I was getting over 100 bounces consistently after 2 weeks or so). Throws to club under leg or behind back are fairly easy to learn as well. There are a number of youtube videos that show harder tricks and I reckon anyone who is even moderately dedicated can get a short routine together in under a year. I was putting an act together but started getting an arm strain (possibly RSI). I did think that a golf routine would be very marketable.

Topper - - Parent

I was working with Jon Anton today and learnt a lot more about this trick. LP if you are going to bjc we can have a chat.

Little Paul - - Parent

Yay! I'll be at BJC alright, I'm looking forward to it :)


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