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The Void -

Kaskade archived! I received this in an email from Gabi:

"Kaskade archive is online on
All 112 issues of Kaskade 1984 – 2013 are now online for free download on
If you would like to add some of the printed copies to your collection, they can still be ordered as long as stock lasts.
Check it out. we hope you like it. Please spread the news.



Aidan - - Parent

That's an excellent resource!

Orinoco - - Parent

That's excellent news. Great to see the content available for all.

Little Paul - - Parent

That is exciting news! That should give me plenty to leaf through when I'm bored!

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Yesss! I was looking forward a lot to this!

Too bad I have no clue where to start.. Any golden nuggets in there I should know about?

Topper - - Parent

I started getting Kaskade from issue 7, so look forward to looking at the first 6 issues.

peterbone - - Parent

Start with issue 59. An interesting article about Anthony Gatto and also a great "article" at the back!

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Thanks, that was a good start indeed!
Also, that is the most ridiculous juggling advertisement I have ever seen, but I did laugh ;)

Mïark - - Parent

There is a list of articles on separated into issues 1-74 and 75-112.
There is also a list of articles in the first 34 issues on page 13 of issue 35 or a list of contents of the first 42 issues on juggling org

There is an article on page 30 of issue 23 about how jugglers with access to a computer at work or university could communicate with other jugglers around the world via e-mail.

Al_Bee - - Parent

Wow. I scrolled down and there's an event in Tbilisi in the USSR. That dates it somewhat more in my mind than the IT stuff.

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

I wonder if that was the Georgian convention in around Sept. '90? I was going to go because I had some money and it seemed exotic, but ended up at circus school instead. Haggis went and was completely blown away by everyone doing 5c backcrosses like it was normal. Dem Russkies took juggling very seriously.

Thom! - - Parent

Thanks for sharing, Void!!  Can't wait to dig through it all!!

noslowerdna - - Parent



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