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Cedric Lackpot -

Flies in amber ... Skate Naked stylee.

I was lazily tooling around the internet last night and a comment in the chat room got me thinking about dear old Skate Naked, so I went rummaging on the web. I was hoping to find the old Secret Cabaret segment where they simultaneously perform rotating one-handed planches on handbalancers' supports.

You know, the one where they have sparklers up their arses. Again.

Anyway, no dice on that one, but of course I ended up looking at their tragically antiquated website and went nosing around the photo gallery which has lots and lots and lots of marvellous pictures of Pete and Paul cocking around on streets and stages all over the shop. And seemingly every single picture is around twenty or more years old! It's a lovely bit of modern history, little gobbets of the recent past preserved like flies in amber.

Enjoy them. I did.

Little Paul - - Parent

I've got all of series 1 of secret cabaret, and most of series 2 - unfortunately SN aren't in any of the shows I've got.

There is a secret cabaret dvd doing the rounds, but it only has Simon Drakes performances, and none of the guest acts, so it's no help with filling in my missing episodes.

mtb - - Parent

That looks like an interesting show, to say the least....


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