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British Pathé

Not sure if this is old news (British Passé?), but I've just spotted that the entire British Pathé archive has been put on Youtube. There's loads of juggle stuff in there. I've not seen it in a more accessible way so thought I'd mention it here.

Once there, you need to look for the little magnifying glass icon to search within the account, or I got results quicker by fiddling with URLs like this:

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Brilliant stuff, I had a lot of fun browsing through it already! Make sure also to search 'juggler'
Some different results pop up.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

That link does of course not end anywhere else because I was dump enough to use copy paste.. I meant:

Orinoco - - Parent

Gah! Don't distract me I've got writing to do!

Little Paul - - Parent

Interesting, they seem to have stuff on there I've not managed to find on the main british pathe site, I assume that's down to differences in the search engines on the two sites.

I think I could waste an awful lot of time playing with that channel...

Mike Moore - - Parent

Really interesting old school cool in these! I'm sure Peter's already seen it, but there's a nice 3b stack in this one: .

peterbone - - Parent

This is the video that initially inspired me to learn the 3 ball stack. I'm glad it's now on YouTube as I often had problems playing it at the britishpathe website. I'm always impressed with the speed that he sets it up.


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