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GumybolzZ -

So lately I have been trying to solidify my 4ball fountain pattern. I can do the pattern just fine (8:00 record) But I'm struggling to keep the pattern in perfect shape. My hands are good at adjusting to awkward throws every here and there, but I don't like that! I want to be able to juggle the pattern without correcting throws. I am in need of advice!

emilyw - - Parent

I think this is another problem where working on short runs may help. Can you consistently do like 20 throws neatly without corrections and then finish clean? 25? 30?

If you work on increasing the length of a clean run (clean to your own standards, so no corrections), you might find it easier to identify the root causes of the wonky business, and then maybe you can start focusing more on the root cause thing(s).

noslowerdna - - Parent

Try continuously oscillating the height and speed of the pattern up and down, back and forth between lower/faster and slower/higher, maybe a range of 1 to 6 feet, or whatever you're comfortable with. The throw force and tempo variations will help to lock in your focus and accuracy.

noslowerdna - - Parent

Here's another perspective that I've often adhered to: it will naturally solidify over time, so don't bother trying to perfect it. Now you're relatively comfortable with the 4b fountain, moving on to other 4b patterns that you can't do yet (at least not for 8 minutes) such as 534, 7531, 55514, etc. is probably a more productive use of your practice time.

GumybolzZ - - Parent

Thankyou for the replies! I think i'm going to take noslowerdnas advice and move on to some 4ball siteswaps.

Mike Moore - - Parent

You may also want to try it blind. My strategy is this: do a few runs of 4-8 catches with your eyes open, but try to make it so consistent you don't need to be watching. Then don't watch!

Mats1 - - Parent

Nothing will make patterns more solid than practicing the higher numbers, so I would recommend practicing 5 to get a solid 4 ball pattern.

HardAttack27 - - Parent

Try doing the reverse fountain , and switching back and fourth, maybe even mixed fountains both ways, really made a big diffrence for me,

GumybolzZ - - Parent

Great idea, i may have to give that a go some day :P

HardAttack27 - - Parent

After u can do all those patterns including 4 ball coloums the regular fountain seems so much eaiser

Robotic juggle - - Parent

Problems like this are the hardest to fix in my opinion, and they are what Differentiate between a mediocre juggler and a world class master. the only way i know of for sure to fix it is to run the pattern over and over, or look at the pattern in a diffrent way. this is what i did way back in december of last year when i FINNALY went back and fixed my 3 ball mills mess i could do it but it was sloppy and laking the mills mess WOW factor. then i watched a video describing mills mess as an alternating two throws of the windmill trick (name i know for one hand under the other every throw)alternated from one hand to another.
hope this helps a bit

Orinoco - - Parent

You are already doing a very impressive amount of practice, I think you just need to keep it up.

Just to offer something different from everyone else: be aware that your pattern probably looks a lot better than it feels. A couple of weeks ago Simon commented on how well my 7 ball cascade just as I was thinking that it was one of the worst sessions I'd had. Ever since I started I've always thought that other people think I'm a lot better than I really am!


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