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Little Paul -

I've just seen this on - and now I want a go!

Kelhoon - - Parent

marvelous !  good find

Orinoco - - Parent

Interesting certainly & I'd like to have a play once, but then I'd probably never want to bother with them again. I'm more interested in this sort of object from a how is it made point of view, in terms of manipulation I would get bored of expanding & contracting the object very quickly indeed.

The only alternative shape props that I've ever really liked are delta boxes:

Little Paul - - Parent

I love the delta boxes.

However, with the expanding/contracting things, I think there's probably some interesting isolation possibilities which haven't been fully explored yet.

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

Amazing. I wonder if the design could also be of some kind of practical use? Box to wine rack to coffee table to armchair and back to box again?

Little Paul - - Parent

"Can I sit down now?"
"Not until you've finished drinking all the wine"
"but there are like 20 bottles"

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

Hahaha. Yes good point. Maybe there would have to be two models then. The display/storage one (bookshelf, wine rack, juggling props etc, and the deluxe lounge version for chairs and tables. It would be nice to take both models on camping trips. Perhaps you could have a third model that unfolds into a kind of giant Yurt frame.

Aidan - - Parent

I think he was using them as a bounce ball cage and discovered the manipulations by accident!

david - - Parent

Beautiful! They remind me of macromolecular complexes, structures built from many proteins, often many copies of the same protein. Some of these complexes go through "cooperative" "phase" changes which change their functionality. It would be fun to present some of these ghostcubes at a biophysics meeting.

duncanh - - Parent

Now you can make your own -

Little Paul - - Parent

That looks impressively fiddly to make.

duncanh - - Parent

The perfect project for when you're sat in a field surrounded by buttercups


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