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Orinoco -

Cat & Karina brought along TWJC's newest member: 5 day old Tristan Ullyses Lindfield (I may have been involved with the awesome middle name). He managed to sleep through pretty much everything so he'll fit in just fine. Our newbies came back again (I've forgotten the names though, any idea Kev?) & remain enthusiastic. The young lad picked up a unicycle for the first time & managed to ride half the length of the hall in about 20 minutes as seems to be typical these days. John brought along a ridiculously oversized hula hoop which was hard work. Kev was practicing balancing a rubber egg on top of a drinking straw on his nose.


Topper - - Parent

Newbies names are Simon, Ben and I think Chloe.
I tried a real egg this morning and managed for about 3 seconds before getting very worried it would fall and break on my head.

Danny Colyer - - Parent

Kev, if you're going to use real eggs then I think you need to video your practice sessions.  Purely so you can monitor your progress, of course...

Topper - - Parent

Today I managed a 30 second balance with egg on straw on nose, the first attempt went a bit wrong when the egg fell just glancing the side of my head before smashing on the ground.

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Ullyses?!? Or perhaps you were thinking of Ulysses.

Orinoco - - Parent

The spelling is correct on the birth certificate!

Name specifically comes from:

Little Paul - - Parent

I'm glad that is what I was expecting it to be!


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