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charlieh -

Can you support the redirection service?

As some of you will know a few years ago, the redirection service for emails and web addresses was taken over by a small crew of jugglers who have continued to maintain it ever since. If you didn't know about it do take a look! was originally registered and set up by Patrick Clyne.

It runs on a hosted server and costs about £85 per annum for the hosting. So far it's been sponsored by the following organisations: BJC06 Kernow, BJC07 Notts, BJC08 Doncaster (massive thanks to all of these for your help over the years, plus of course the small crew of administrators). However the funds have now run out and we need approximately £100 to cover the current year's costs and hopefully some promises for the years after that (there has been the suggestion that we move it all somewhere cheaper but to be honest the simplest solution is to leave what's working very well alone for now - it was quite a task to move it originally).

If anyone would like to help you'd need to be able to transfer funds in some way to a UK Lloyds Bank account (the payments come from this, my circus business account). You'll have my gratitude plus that of the 500 or so people and organisations who use the service.

To respond please reply to this posting or contact me directly at charlie AT juggler DOT net



charlieh - - Parent

Apologies, I forgot that BJC2k had also sponsored the service right at the beginning (2004 I think), as did my own company Grip Circus.

varkor - - Parent

"If anyone would like to help you'd need to be able to transfer funds in some way to a UK Lloyds Bank account"
If you sent around a mass email with this sort of gist, I'm sure you'd have many people who'd be happy to help out.

Scott Seltzer - - Parent

I'm a hosting reseller and would happily give you a free hosted account if you need. Let me know if you're interested and if you have any special requirements needed to make it work.

I'm also heavily involved in that one American juggling organization so if you're desperate, let me know and I'll see if they might be able to help.


Orinoco - - Parent

Before I say, "I could offer the service through my hosting!" what exactly made the last move so difficult?

At the moment I'm thinking if you've got the email addresses in a spreadsheet I could set that up in a few clicks, the web redirection can be covered by a .htaccess file & the frame based service with a single php page.

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Offers of hosting will be aplenty I reckon (you're welcome to use mine, for instance) but I guess you just want to throw a little money at making the problem go away seamlessly and with a minimum of effort. I'll mention it to Pete and perhaps Lestival will stump up for a year's hosting. Remind me if I don't get back to you.

charlieh - - Parent

Thanka Jay. You're right, offers of new hosting are great but to be honest the current system works well and there's no reason to move just for the sake of it. It *is* just some .htaccess and scripts, the fiddly bits are getting DNS changed (we don't own the domain) and setting up a method for updating redirects that is distributed, traceable and futureproof. Also, as we're about to be automatically rebilled, this isn't the best time to change anything! I promise to chat to people about alternative hosting options early next year though (Bungay would probably be the best place).


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