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7b_wizard -

Do you like \ not like to  t e a c h  (not just give a hint, but take the time and get involved, and real life person to person) ?

  1. Nah, it's boring, tedious, only costs my precious time, brings me nothing.
  2. Rather not, but can happen.
  3. Sometimes maybe. So so.
  4. Rather yes.
  5. Absolutely - love it .. seeing the progress, the success, sharing those "Aha"-Moments, growing a passing partner, doing "together".
  6. [ other \ depends \ do it, but don't like it \ love it, but don't have time \ never tried \ none, all of the above \ .. ]

Thanks for voting!

[ #teaching ]

This is a competition thread which ran from 19th Apr 2017 to 7th May 2017. View results.

Mike Moore - - Parent

Voted depends: I usually try to spend about 20 minutes at club practice focusing and getting some really good practice in. During that time, I don't want to teach, talk, listen, etc.

Other than that, I'm normally happy to teach.

Maria - - Parent

The last one. I like it, but I don't want to spend my precious juggling time doing something else than juggling (at least not too often). And regular juggling club meetings is usually the only place where someone is interesting in letting me teach them some juggling, so... I don't really teach much.

I should try to give some workshops on juggling conventions, though. I can't juggle all the time there anyway, and I tried it as a co-teacher in a passing workshop at the last BJC and really liked that. Now I just need to find something that I think I can actually teach well enough for a workshop.

Ah, yeah, I like to teach non-juggling things, too... As long as the person/people learning wants to learn, not if I'm trying to teach a whole class where some people would rather not be there at all. Though I usually don't have time or opportunities for that, either.

Marvin - - Parent

This poll has now ended. The results are:

  1.   Nah, it's boring, tedious, only costs my precious time, brings me nothing. (1 vote)
  2.   Rather not, but can happen. (0 votes)
  3.   Sometimes maybe. So so. (1 vote)
  4.   Rather yes. (2 votes)
  5.   Absolutely - love it .. seeing the progress, the success, sharing those "Aha"-Moments, growing a passing partner, doing "together". (9 votes)
  6.   [ other \ depends \ do it, but don't like it \ love it, but don't have time \ never tried \ none, all of the above \ .. ] (4 votes)

7b_wizard -

Teaching; creating a ``school´´ (teaching concept); giving workshops; .. .

Here's wikipedia's article on instructional theory listing "methods, models and strategies" in an overview that can be used as a checklist or as entry point for forming and developing your teaching skills.

See also [just a detail from the above]: ( .. stimulates thought processes of which the subject may be unaware. [ // wow cool. // ] )
.. and - for a contrasting approach: (critical, self-directed DIY)

Didn't find any "evolution of skills"-article neither on wikipedia nor the web, however,
.. anyway, interesting stuff, i think, .. A'll leave it here as mosaique stones.   [ #teaching #furtherStudies #schools #theory #anticipatedNoRepliesThread :o]) ]

Ilia Poliakov -

I think about living in Europe (I'm from Russia), but I don't know how to do it.
Maybe you know?

For 5 years I developed juggling in Russia, teached how to juggle in my juggling school, gived a lot of workshops in different cities, and thats what I want to do. And of course, to make show (but it is not so important for me)
For work: I have no official education, I have got only site with videos and photos of my school.

Maybe I can find work? Maybe there is any education for jugglers, or juggling teachers? (I heard that in Germany education is free for foreigners)
Maybe you know some interesting information?

Stephen Meschke - - Parent

Have you thought of providing services online?
What would you charge for ($):
One hour consultation (phone call, watching Youtube videos)
Six weeks of detailed training plans
Five minutes video review, three times a week

Orinoco - - Parent

Also curious, on the flipside Stephen (or anyone) assuming you wanted such a service what would you pay for it?

Little Paul - - Parent

How much did people pay gatto when he tried this?

Orinoco - - Parent

The last time we looked it was $4.95 to sign up $65 per question.

Ilia Poliakov - - Parent

No, I want to live in Europe. And if study - only with real people.
Thank you)

Little Paul - - Parent

But how many people do we think actually paid that?

Orinoco - - Parent

I'd guess at somewhere between 0 & 9. There are just so many great people who will help just for the asking, there really is no reason to fork out big money.

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

Was there any kind of 'ask three questions for the price of two' deal?

Stephen Meschke - - Parent

Not a lot, $150 to $200. This is about 4 hours of work (1hr. consultation, 1hr. for practice routine, and 2hrs. making Youtube Comments). Before I would commit, I would want to see some proof that Llia Poliakov has trained a juggler from 100 catches with 7b/5c to one minute with 7b/5c.

Experienced jugglers will help me out with Youtube comments, but nobody is going to go out of their way to put together a training plan.

7b_wizard - - Parent

I feel adressed ("Germany"), but afraid, I can't help much.

I'm also afraid (but not sure what you mean), that "free education for foreigners" applies to refugees and asylum seeking persons, not to immigrants.

Wishing to do similar ("teach / juggling school"), I scanned the web for what offers there are .. here's an example from Berlin (aside Munich a german stronghold, dense with jugglers), even in english version:
Berlin (team):

Another one man offer with english version:

Even without understanding german, you can see and guess from the pics and from international words ("show, workshop, Trainer, Minuten, Manager, .. " a.s.o.) of what's being offered and get an impression, that few, but there is schools and courses being offered (with or without show) and see some prizes in the german only examples:

Schools, clubs, groups, teams:
Munich (team):
Konstanz, clown-school + juggling:

One man offers:
(german "juggling for success TM" Dave Finnigan -clone):
Frankfurt, workshops:
Stuttgart, southwest germany:

Maybe you can even contact Berlin or Munich, or that clown-school and find out if collaboration is possible.

7b_wizard - - Parent

[ #school #teaching #workshops #offers #professionals ] gotta get used to tagging when editing before hitting "post"!

Ilia Poliakov - - Parent

Thank you, I wrote them right now)


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