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Topper -

Last night we had a good attendance of ten at TWJC. Three new people two of whom had a bit of juggling experience.
But the highlight of the evening was a Poi workshop, eight of us joined in and learnt lots of different ways of giving yourself bruises.
We are thinking of doing a TWJC Poi renegade act at bjc but only if Jon joins us.

I am also now managing to free mount my freeliners and not doing the splits as much.

Wizard - - Parent

It was a lot of fun. I have to thank Nicola for teaching me lots of new tricks. Can't wait to show Jon :)

Orinoco - - Parent

I do not recognise this world anymore.

Wizard - - Parent

Fun? It's the employment of time in a profitless and non practical way.

Mïark - - Parent

would a #tag help your recognition #TWJC

emilyw -

Is there a "mark all read" button? I'm sure I had seen it before but can't find it.

Little Paul - - Parent

it's only visible if you're in the "unread posts" view (click on the number in the menu bar) It would be nice if there was a "mark all read" button on the main smalltalk page as well, it'd be a bit less confusing.

Orinoco - - Parent

It hasn't quite been 24 hours yet :)

Before I charge in & make a change...

The Small Talk views are:

Standard view (click the Small Talk link in the main menu or on the index page), lists the latest threads (not necessarily posts) in reverse chronological order.

Thread view (click one of the # permalinks) views just that thread.

Updated view (click a notification in the main menu or the index page) lists all threads that have been posted to by someone else since the last time you clicked mark all as read.

User view (click a user's post count from their profile) lists all threads that a user has posted to.

Tag view (click a #tag) lists all threads that tagged with that #tag.

The mark all as read link obviously makes sense on the Updated view because you are marking all the threads on the screen as read. For all the other views you are marking threads that are potentially/probably not on screen. This to me is counter intuitive. I think this would leave people wondering where all their unread threads went.

Little Paul - - Parent

Personally, I'd like to be able to mark threads I can't see as "read" if I don't want to read them. As small starts getting busier that's going to happen more and more often.

Tobias - - Parent

I had been planning to write a well-thought-out Big Talk post about this some time, but since the next few months seem to be getting busier every time I look ahead, it seems that's not going to happen. So, instead:

To me, there is only one major difference between Small talk and NNTP: lack of thread titles, as mentioned elsewhere.

In my view, you have written one of the best nntp-over-http viewers I've ever seen, apart from the feature LP mentioned (marking only some messages as read).

Both features (thread names, partial marking-as-read) will become necessary as traffic increases. Some people might have the time to always keep everything read, but even those will have a hard time finding a specific thread if there are several discussions going on.

For those, and some more reasons: please consider making small talk a frontend to an nntp feed. Not only will that give users the freedom to chose different clients (yes, lazy me - I'm not sure I'd be able to keep up reading this if it stays on http), allowing everyone their own choice of formatting, marking-as-read and so on. After this insane amount of work, you'd also be open to the benefits of free, possibly eternal, archiving by making it a usenet group.

I think that by frontend design choices (not fullquoting by default, for example), you have lots of power over the way that feed will be used - it need not become the same as r.j. (although you could also consider asking Colin to shut down his r.j. portal and taking over r.j. completely)

Little Paul - - Parent

I think I probably think there are probably more differences bewteen smalltalk and nntp than you do. Infact, I think the only similarity is that they're threaded (and a teensy bit frickin awesome)

Don't get me wrong, I'm proper hardcore fan of nntp and you'll have to pry my newsreader from my cold dead hands - but I don't think smalltalk would work as a front end for it.

Why? Because nntp encourages long running threads which go on for days/weeks/months. Every post made since the last time you looked is weighted with equal importance.

Smalltalk is more similar to b3ta/redit/the comments on the bottom of a blog post(or dare I say it, 4chan)

Its style encourages a much quicker churn of topic, with many more shorter more conversational threads. What's currently relevant isn't necessarily "everything that's been said since I last looked" - it's what's been talked about in the last page worth of threads.

How long those threads stay relevant for is determined by the topic churn. Each new thread pushes an old thread back into the archive, but that's fine.

It's less "discussion" and more "chat" - it's quick, high turn over, and ideal for todays attention deficit generation :-)

Orinoco - - Parent

^ yeah that. I'm struggling to see any connection between Small Talk & NNTP. One is a web page, the other is a protocol?!

There are a number of people making requests that would effectively turn Small Talk into rec.juggling, but at the risk of sounding like a broken record I am trying to create something different.

If someone wants to stick this Small Talk interface over an NNTP back end be my guest, the full source code for this site is available to anyone (or it will be shortly!), you will have my full support & I will contribute to the coding effort. Adding titles & changing the view to last updated threads at the top (the weighting LP mentions) are pretty trivial tasks.


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