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7b_wizard -

I hereby introduce the notion of a chain of focus as crucial for getting non-trivial patterns (and maybe even those) down - there may be no millisecond, where brain, eyes, perception, hands, fingers, everything involved, do not know what and where to be, to do and where the props belong or land! ( Howgh! :o]) ) [ #mentec #flow #mastership ]

7b_wizard -

The very moment before launching into your most challenging ground-state, a challenging basic pattern that you haven't fully gotten down, and want to get it running, qualified or endured, what do you think, what do you intend, what do you try, what do you focus on?

Do you have a motto that you try to put into reality? Do you have a launching routine? Do you focus on a distinct #n.-th throw for the launch to succeed? Do you have a melody for your launch? Do you visualize the right height? Do you think of or visualize the crossing point? Do you prepare for your hands to do constant throwing in the right angle and-or scoop with the right amount of thrust from next moment on? Or do you relax and try to think nothing at all? Or do you do differently each time e.g. finetuning all the time?

Do you (also) think, those few milliseconds right before starting are crucial in a way? How do you get the start well?

#technique #mentalTechnique #mentec #launch #milliseconds

Lou Duncan - - Parent

This might seem odd, and I'll try to put it in as few words as possible, but I try to empty my head and mirror the mental state I am in when showing someone a trick I find easy like 3b Mills.It sounds a bit arrogant, but I just try to treat it mentally like I've already done it a hundred times before. Seems to help me :)

Mike Moore - - Parent

When I practice, there's normally something I'm looking from in each of my attempts. Something like, "Avoid breaking plane with the second throw" or the like.

When going for performance, I normally focus on breathing and my starting hand/wrist position and visualizing the pattern I want to form.


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