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LizzyPeat -


We have moved venues, we have found 'Fair Close Day Centre' with a lovely (if rather pink) hall, a tea area and affordable rates.
For those without a car- Good news! We are now only 5 minutes walk from Newbury Train station.

Come join us, 7pm till 9pm. £5 or £3 concessions. All welcome!

John R - - Parent

What day of the week? I would love to think it was all seven days but it seems unlikely.

The Void - - Parent

Clicking the hashtag Lizzy gave will give you a link to the club - - which tells you that it's on a Monday.

LizzyPeat - - Parent

UPDATE- we now meet on Tuesdays at 8pm, extending to 10pm if we get 6 or more people attending.
Jamie has re-negotiated with our pink venue, and they are now letting us pay-as-we-go, so we shall see how this works out.
See you soon!

The Void - - Parent

It still says 1900-2100 on - give it an update. Hmmm, Tuesdays? Well, you never know....

LizzyPeat - - Parent

Thanks Void, all updated!

LizzyPeat - - Parent

OK, this is daft- the club is now going to start at 7pm and continue to 8:25pm, on TUESDAYS.
There was a problem with some yoga people not informing the venue of their time change, so we had to accommodate them (Yoda is not to be upset after all.)

See you on Tuesday at 7pm!


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