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Orinoco -

New home page!

I've hated the home page on the Edge since the very beginning. Now that the site has matured quite a bit & less things are breaking (you keep quiet Mïark) I've been spending more time looking at how the site gets used. I've been recording precisely what gets clicked from the home page for a while now & I've been very surprised with how little of it is used. So over the past few days I've been hacking away a lot of cruft, refactoring bits & pieces all over the place & of course making stuff up as I go along leaving us with a smaller, simpler & much faster default home page.

Points of note:

Things now line up! Woohoo!

Content from blocked users will no longer be shown.

I've done away with all the 'Latest...' sections except the all encompassing 'Latest Activity' section. All they did was duplicate content & was more to help get content indexed more quickly, which is not a problem I need to solve anymore.

For lurkers the log in form has been removed from all pages (was rarely used & then only from 2 pages) & the settings link has also been removed from the top menu (Seriously? Only 0.2% of clicks? Does no one else enjoy tinkering?!) which removes a lot of clutter.

For those that do tinker the settings link is still available on the homepage under 'My Account' & now also on you profile page if you choose to hide the My Account section. All the sections removed from the default view are still there, plus there's a new section available: 'Add Content', which has links to create a new thread, event, club & log entry.

The old top-to-bottom-left-to-right ordering of sections is now left-to-right-top-to-bottom, so if you had set up a custom layout everything will still be there but will be a bit muddled up, sorry!1 Also note the 'Latest Activity' section is twice the height of all the others. You're smart, you'll work it out.

The 'Change site appearance' & 'Change title image' pages have been merged into one.

Did no one notice me yo-yoing between using 'My' & 'Your' all over the place? Why didn't anyone pull me up on that?

Lots of unused links have disappeared from the home page & have been chucked in the help section.

#NewFeature #LetTheHateBegin

1 But let's face it you must be used to that by now.

The Void - - Parent

To be honest, I only ever go to the Home page for the link to Meta, so I'm totally unaffected.
Still, well done.

Little Paul - - Parent

There's a home page?

Orinoco - - Parent

For anyone who is confused & needs a link to the home page it can be found here:

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Same here.. My bookmarks link me directly to the small talk page...

Brook Roberts - - Parent

I just recently set up a direct link on my phone to the juggling edge records page.

Adrian G - - Parent

I'm in the same position but use RSS for meta so never go to the home page at all... That said it does look less clutered than previously.

I think under my profile is where I'd expect to find settings anyway so I'm fine with that. As for tinkering, I did play around with it but was happy with the google menu option so just stuck with that and haven't looked at it since :P

Ethan - - Parent



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