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The Void -

LKO, plus rappers! #LeicKO
We had the Leicester Kendama Open on Saturday. A reasonable turnout, boosted by yo-yoers. Full results and photo/video links at,2107.msg18743.html#msg18743

Meanwhile, I was featured on the Ogmios Show - a "magazine show" (my phrase) for rappers that is featured on a rap battle Youtube channel. I had a fun day teaching Ogmios and Impact how to kendama, and they really got into it. There was a comment on YT something to the effect of "in a world of middle class white boys trying to be gangsters, it's great that Ogmios is doing something different.". I agree. I enjoyed watching episode 1 (tea, and foraging), and I'll be tuning in for more of these as they come along. Enjoy. (PS Kung Fu!)


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