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Dee -

European Juggling Convention 2019

FYI: phase 1 tickets for #EJC2019 are scheduled to go on sale at 20:00 GMT (UTC) tonight. Ticket price information etc is here - that link will also link onto the European Juggling Association ticket sales system once it goes live.

Orinoco - - Parent

Who's system?

The Void - - Parent

Is it the band System Of A Down?

Dee - - Parent

Didn't want people confused when routed to something that had EJA on it (has caused confusion in the past!)Hope its running smoothly. Ta muchly.

Mike Moore - - Parent

After purchasing, is there any kind of refund/transfer system? I think there's about an 80 % chance I'll be able to make it. I'd rather have non-action pushing me to go...but at the same time I'd want a way out of something comes up in April (my life will have a lot of volatility in March-April).

Maria - - Parent

Tickets can be transferred for a 10% transfer fee (paid by the recipient). You'll need to e-mail the EJA in that case. (One point in the EJA terms and conditions might indicate that it has to be done at least 14 days before the event.)

Mike Moore - - Parent

Great, thanks!

Danny Colyer - - Parent

Does anyone involved have any idea yet of the time or length of the gala show? It would be useful information when deciding whether to choose afternoon or evening when I'm buying my tickets.

Dee - - Parent

I'm chasing this up with the show producers. I'll try to get back asap on approximate estimated duration (and times).

There will be gala ticket swop "workshops" during the EJC. Typically, it has been easier to swop late tickets for early tickets, but I can't guarantee that this year, as more people may have to leave on Saturday evening to make flights etc.

Dee - - Parent

Information about the length of gala show: approximate duration 2 hours.

Am currently trying to get more information about plans for start times.

Dee - - Parent

The current plan, subject to change, is for the second show to start about 8ish - team members don't want it running that late at the end of a long week.

The timings haven't been finalised, hence for the vagueness on the ticket sales site as we didn't want to cause confusion by changing times!

Remember that there will always be the option to participate in the on-site ticket swop workshop.

Danny Colyer - - Parent

Thanks Dee. I didn't really expect the details to have been finalised yet, but that's at least a starting point to discuss with the family before I book.

Dee - - Parent

A quick reminder that the first phase of #EJC2019 pre-registration runs until December 07 2018.

Ticket prices and more information are here

Paying by bank transfer means that all of the funds go to the EJC, but as that option is more expensive for some people, there is also the option to pay by card (via PayPal).

Mike Moore - - Parent

Registered for my first EJC! Eeeeeee

rosiejane -

Hello Juggling people!

Would you like to be featured in the new promo film for the #ejc2019 ? or future advertising for the event..? We are currently collecting tiny film clips (10 seconds or so) of people declaring their excitement (mostly!!! ha ha) or love of EJC so that we can edit them into our main promo film and then several much much shorter ones for the future. If you have a minute or two then I will be very grateful to receive your contributions and anyone featured will receive a limited edition tiny enamel gnome juggler badge when you arrive at EJC 2019.

If there can be juggling in it too then that would earn bonus points!

One special request is that if you use your phone then please film landscape (sideways)

Thank you my lovelies and see you all in August 2019 (if not before!!)

email your clips to me -

website is in progress but for the basics right now

Simeon - - Parent

Is it too late to be included in this video?

rosiejane - - Parent

Hi Simeon,

Sorry for the late reply, I don't come here often, but the answer is ' no you are not too late!'

We are doing lots of little ones over the coming months and I look forward to seeing your contribution :D

Thank you X

JonPeat -

The Milton Keynes Juggling Convention 2016 (UK) - Review

Saturday the 12th November saw the return of The Milton Keynes Juggling Convention (MKJC) which is held at the Elizabeth Woodville School, Deanshanger (just off the A5, west of Milton Keynes).

The drive down the M1 was pretty miserable as it was lashing down with rain and my phone had a hissy fit which took the GPS out of action. We managed to get ourselves pretty close to Deanshanger and were glad to see the ‘MKJC – this way’ signs as we approached the convention.

We hit reception not long after 10:00, got our passes (colour coded wrist bands) and raffle tickets and headed deeper into the school. We passed the show hall which is large and high ceilinged with a high level stage at one end. There was a freestanding aerial rig and mats set up for a number of workshops running in this room throughout the day. In the evening this becomes the show venue.

We took part in the traditional ‘getting lost in the warren of changing rooms and toilets before finding the hall game’ which I always thoroughly enjoy. We headed to our usual spot in the hall and set up our gear. Fever was already in session, the Cambridge collective were already well stuck in to their practice and Butterfingers and Gale were busy setting up shop.
The big change in the hall this year was the relocation of the reception desk which meant that the doors of the hall (leading to the car parks) remained shut for the majority of the day. I noticed the difference immediately! There was the initial ‘cool, not many bodies in the hall’ transition through the ‘comfortable, not even thinking about it stage’ and finally the ‘musty juggler scent and warmth’ of the later afternoon (normal convention climate changes). A massive improvement which was commented on very often during the day, very comfortable, thank you MKJC Team.

I started off with club juggling and had a very pleasant warm up (much briefer than previous years, see above) so before lunch I was already working on 5 club tricks and trying my 6 with happy hands. 5 club 5 up pirouettes are feeling very good at the moment, so close to becoming routine. My set up is great, the turn is good and my hand is reaching the 1st club, I think the pattern is just slightly under spun which makes continuing the pattern difficult. Didn’t hit the trick but came very close. I always seem to have a very good club juggling session at MKJC so I leapt on that. I had my best 6 club half shower run (don’t know how many catches, I don’t count, but would guess 25 odd) to which Mark pointed out I shouldn’t forget to practice my ‘fountain’. My first attempt was very convincing and we were all surprised, future attempts brought us all back to reality.

Lunch time. Jenni, Mark and I headed onto the High Street and were sad to see the Chinese / Chip shop was closed until later this month (Greg pointed out it had 3x 1* reviews on google, I’ve eaten there every year and I thought it was OK, not spectacular but OK) so we went to the Pizza place next door, interpreted their many contradictory and confusing special offers and selected their 3x 9inch Pizzas for £15 deal. £5 for a Pizza was pretty fair we felt. We ate at the small seating area outside the show venue and taunted Jack with our Pizza feast. There was a lot of interest from an awful lot of passers-by about where we had acquired the Pizzas… seriously, where has everyone else been eating for the last 6 MKJCs? Turn right out of the venue and then right at the T-junction, keep walking up the high street, the one with the co-op on it that looks like a pub, follow the road round all the bends and speed bumps and you hit the high street, it is on your right hand side.

Pizza review:
Mark and I had some difficulty identifying which Pizza was whose. A Meat Feast vs a BBQ chicken. I ordered the BBQ chicken, which was absent of the advertised peppers and red onions and contained various other meats… I suspect that the ‘Mexican BBQ’ Pizza was provided rather than the requested BBQ Chicken. We had all elected for thin crust and extra grease apparently. But, they were pretty good Pizzas overall. Jenni had selected the Hawaiian Pizza in order to disgust the anti-pineapple Pizza fraternity and to support with The Leeds Juggling Convention (next weekend, Saturday 19th November, Amazing Show Line Up, Workshops, Free Tea and Coffee and Doughnuts, Raffle (has a pineapple in it!), See you There!)

Pizzas consumed, we went back to the main hall which had filled considerably (comfortable stage) and I started practising some headbouncing. Brook and I had already agreed to have a club passing session, each time I looked over he was involved in a multi-person feed which I didn’t want to interrupt so we missed out this convention, we will definitely do some at Leeds (that’s next weekend you know…) Not a ground breaking solo session but not terrible either, I got bit warm so went off to change into shorts. On the way I bumped into Mark (P) and Dave having a bounce juggle session in the corridor, I stayed to have a chat which turned into 3 person 15 ball bounce passing moving onto 18 ball passing. It was really good fun, my problem was my selves ending up in the tramlines of the incoming passes, I need to spend some more time bounce passing. We got it working fairly well in the end.

Games time. Standard convention games took place which were well executed by the games master. I fluffed juggling limbo although it got difficult pretty quickly. Won 5 ball endurance and 5 club endurance, great prize of past issues of Kascade Magazines. Combat happened at the end of the games and it was utter bedlam! Fantastic fun, I always really enjoy it. These games carried on good a long while until just 4 of us remained and we called a halt (Musty Juggler stage). Only one injury for me which was a slightly bruised finger, very pleased with that result.

Time for evening food. Greg had mentioned earlier in the day an Indian restaurant which was not far away so we thought we would give that a go. Mark (P) rounded up pretty much all of Cambridge so we took my car with Katie navigating (no through road, really?) while they walked. I always drive to evening food place as you run the risk of being late for the show if the food is slow to arrive, more later…

Spice Hut was OK, they were quick to set up a long table for all 11 of us. They were good fun when taking our orders and very accommodating to everyone’s requirements. The food took ages to come, I think it arrived at about ten to 7pm (show time) so we ate rather hastily before bundling Brook into the car and rushing back to the venue. My Malayan curry (had pineapple in it, I like pineapple in my curry – discuss) was not very flavoursome although it was OK. I tried some of Mark’s vegetable one and it nearly blew my head off, bursting with flavour, perhaps just my poor choice on this occasion. The food was pretty good for the price £5.95 for a main dish.

The show was already in progress when we arrived and Concrete Circus (MK youth Circus) were halfway through their act. We were in time to see some really good walking globe tricks, some of which scared me a bit.

Mark Watson was the compere for the evening and I always enjoy his style of compering, lots of cheap gags, energy and enthusiasm always does it for me.

Arthur Hyam performed a very slick 1x diabolo routine. Arthur’s diabolo routines have always been a pleasure to watch with loads of very technical and original looking tricks and technique. It was taken up a notch in terms of performance with good smart outfit and plenty of natural applause points. Flawless despite some interference from the small curtain above the stage which hides the lights. Shame about the very final catch. Excellent bow! Great routine, look forward to seeing it again.

The microphone died at this point so I felt bad for Mark although he projects very well anyway. We could hear fine from the back of the room.

Jonathan the Jester and Adam then performed their streetshow style routine. I felt that Adam needs an equally shiny jacket to Jonathan or for them to play the ‘reluctant’ assistant and the showman routine. Regardless, it was quite amusing and I am always quite nervous when children from the audience are put on the performer’s shoulders, but of course it was fine. Too much politics at one point but to his credit Jonathan identified this and swiftly moved on to 3 wheeled giraffe unicycle and walking globe club passing.

Doreen performed a lovely club juggling routine. It was confident, it was smiley, it was stuffed with very elegant tricks and some nice club swingy tricks before hitting some nice 4 club tricks and a final 5 club finish. Very competent, dropless and a lovely bow and smiles. Excellent routine!

Interval and Raffle time. It was a slow start to the raffle with some confusion and a coffee stained trap door, but it quickly became very entertaining as only raffles can be (I like raffles, I think they are funny, Cameron shared my amusment). Sad not to win anything this year, but they were all blue tickets :-(. Nigel gave me a DVD of last year’s show as I had performed in it, Eddie had mentioned it earlier in the day so I hope he got his copy, and I was really pleased as it was an unexpected surprise for me. :-)

There were an awful lot of technical difficulties following the interval which interrupted the second half of the show. Mark performed his duties as compere as best can be expected although it was awkward at times due to bad communication. Technical problems sorted meant we could welcome Tilly Twist to the stage.

Tilly performed a highly skilled hula hoop and hoop juggling routine. Solid 4 hoop box and great hoop juggling tricks, finished with a 5 hoop cascade, very tricky stuff. Good presentation and character throughout.

Jay Rawlings’ performed a comedy magic routine and filled it with loads of great and classic gags. The magic was impressive and the delivery was excellent. Well done Callum for being a great gunslinger.

Brook performed his 3 ball ‘Hall of the Mountain King’ routine which I have always enjoyed. This was the best rendition of it on stage which I have ever seen. Superb, very few drops and all the important tricks hit with a lovey clean finish to the music. Good costume choice and the bow was very good and matched the routine nicely. I was very impressed, should have headlined!

The final act was a Cyr Wheel routine performed by Nader Turiziano. He was good and it was nicely put together, I think the stage was slightly too small which may have put him off slightly as some of the tricks were a little rough round the edges.

The final bow was very well done although the exiting of the stage was not as smooth as the rehearsals had been (I am reliably informed). Overall it was a good strong show although let down by some technical difficulties in places.

We hung around after the show and then piled Mark into the car for the journey back to Leicestershire. Mark and I discussed various subjects on the journey home while Jenni slept in the back, the night closures on the M1 were not expected but ended up not being too much of a problem for us thanks to the A5.

I was pleased to hear that the convention made a profit and plans to return next year. Well done to the organisers and thank you for putting the event together, I look forward to seeing you next year!

Cheers, Jon

(I hope you enjoyed the review. If you did or didn’t then join the discussion. If you attended the event add your own review of the day too!)


I will not be reviewing the Leeds Juggling Convention next weekend as I have been involved in organising the show. Please attend and write your own reviews, we would love to hear if there are any improvements to be made or just to hear if you liked the doughnuts! Thanks, Jon

The Void - - Parent

Cheers for the review, Jon.

I woke earlier than I expected to, which meant by the time I'd listened to an hour's cricket, gone to pick up Abbi & Robin, driven all the way there, and got in, I was knackered already. I broke out the flask of coffee immediately, and stuck in to the breakfast donut, courtesy of Robin's employers. After enjoying sitting down for a while, and helloing those who passed in the corridor, a collective decision was made that we should head to the hall. Wandered in and deposited bags. Made a slow wander to say hi to a few folks. Strolled over to greet & chat to Jamie F, Mark & Jon. Apparently I've been a lesser-spotted creature at 1-dayers lately, but I blame this on Jon being a Northerner these days. Jamie had brought along an old case he'd unearthed, full of 8 Dubé Americans that he used to perform with with (the Real) Luke. Heavy hand-slapping noisy beasts, but with a lovely slow spin.
Oh, hang on, that means I juggled. I decided to compensate with a brief bit of kendama, but the energy levels weren't really there, so was happy to stop and chat to Jay R for a bit. Then Robin rolled back the years and did a bit of kendama too. Bird was in! Watched a bit of hoop passing, which fills up the air space really well. Juggled 3 clubs for a while, then had a crack at 5. Haven't been trying that for 4 years or so, and whaddya know, out of practise means out of luck. Pushed up to about 20 catches and called it a day. Watched Jamie doing his double Salerno ring, and spotted a minor tech error, so pointed that out to him. Hopefully it helps, not hinders.
(Pack) lunched. Mentioned the kickstarter I'm planning with Jon Udry to a few people. (Don't worry, you'll hear more about it here in time...) Played with one of Susannah's diabolos for a bit.
Watched some idiots bounce in a hallway. :-) Mooched back to the hall just before the games started. Got chatting to Dave for most of the games (realising I'd just missed the start of the money juggling, at one point - damn!) and may have accidentally persuaded him to try out Twitter. Time wandered along, and we went off for grub at The Crown, joining Mandy, Susannah, Caspar, Dee & Graham. Sweet potato fries were acceptable. The three of us were collectively a bit tired, so decided to skip the show, and headed home.

Cheers Nigel & crew. First convention for a long time at which I juggled more than I kendamad!

It's Him - - Parent

Glad to hear that you were motivated towards juggling, I would have liked to see it. I also really wanted to try those clubs that Jamie brought as it has been about 20 years since I last tried. I also want to try out his Salerno rings but I'm not sure if my knees would forgive me.

I played a game in my head during the show 'what would Void want to see?' My conclusion was you would have enjoyed Brook and Doreen, found most of the rest tolerable and liked the new walking globe tricks at the end of Concrete Circus act.


The Void - - Parent

Sounds like a not unreasonable estimate. I expect Mark & Jay would have made me chuckle at some point too.

It's Him - - Parent

I am fairly sure that Jonathan would have made you chuckle at some point (not necessarily when you were supposed to do so). I assumed that you would have seen most if not all of the acts before, when I made my predictions. Jay, for example, did almost the same act at Bristol before it became Broxford. Mark did a great job, especially when covering for the sound problems.


It's Him - - Parent

"some really good walking globe tricks, some of which scared me a bit."

If you think they scared you, try being the parent of the performer, especially in the tech rehearsal where he was much closer to the edge of the stage. That was one of the major reasons there were two of us stood either side of the stage. Still wasn't as scary as when he first came up with that trick!

Great review John, it almost makes me feel like I was there. Next year I will be. See you at Leeds.


mtb - - Parent

What was the trick?

I have not seen very much walking globe stuff, so I have no real benchmark.

It's Him - - Parent

Two particularly noteworthy walking globe tricks.

1) Have two walking globes, start skipping on one of them and then continue skipping as you jump to the second.

2) Stand on two walking globes at the same time, move them around and then skip on them.

Both tricks were made scarier by being performed near the front of a stage that is at least 1.2m (4ft) high. The stage was also particularly slippery (as had been demonstrated by previous tricks and would be demonstrated again by the cyr wheel).


mtb - - Parent


I can barely skip as it is (no idea if I can walk on a walking globe).

I can understand the concern now....

The Void - - Parent

Re 2), Literally at the same time? .... that's some straddle! Can't even visualise how you'd skip like that. Maybe I should've stayed for the show after all.

It's Him - - Parent

Indeed, literally at the same time. The original two globe trick originated as far as I know with Albert and Friends Instant Circus. I've never seen the skipping on the two globes before.

If anyone knows of other difficult walking globe tricks I'd be happy to learn about them. We've already done most of the multiple people on one globe variations (two facing each other, two facing same way, three with two facing and one in between, two high, three in a triangle. We've tried two pairs facing but you run out of space for feet).

Also any good videos showing innovative globe work that aren't easily findable with a YouTube search would be appreciated.


lukeburrage - - Parent

I've often wondered if it's possible to do a four walking globe stack. Three in a triangle, and one on top. I guess they would have to be rubber or sticky in some way. But then you could walk forward and move forward.

Orinoco - - Parent

If that's possible then the next step up is walking on the back of Charlie Dancey's bouncing beast.

Something for the next Dream Tricks challenge David?

The Void - - Parent

Fully engineered solution here:
Thing for
— The Void (@TheVoidTLMB) November 20, 2016


^Tom_ - - Parent

Essentially the whole thing shouldn't work.

The top ball (w.l.o.g.) is moving CW, which means that the front and the 2 back balls are moving CCW. But if the front ball is moving CCW, it would drive the back balls CW or visa versa.

Unless you cheat by making sure that the 3 base balls don't touch each other, or somehow don't grip each other.

The Void - - Parent

What do you mean by "cheat"? What rules would be being broken?

mtb - - Parent

The rules of physics?

Looks like it could be fun to get that going though....

lukeburrage - - Parent

"Unless you cheat by making sure that the 3 base balls don't touch each other, or somehow don't grip each other."

If you've ever made such a rolling stack out of normal juggling balls, the lower balls not touching is part of the desired technique, not a cheat. I presumed that didn't need to be stated in my previous post.

Mïark - - Parent

Greg was telling me about this at Leeds, could you ask the performer if you could post a video of the trick, as I am quite intrigued?

Dee - - Parent

Thanks for that... as mentioned to quite a few people during the day, I'm trying to make a list of all events that *may* happen at #EJC2019 and thus will need some for of resources (at the very least time and space). I'd be very grateful if you could add anything to the google document in the link below:

Linky here

Even if you can't think of any events that I haven't listed, it would be interesting to get other people's opinions on the constraints attached to different events.

Thanks in advance...

It's Him - - Parent

The only thing that MKJC does that isn't on the list (and at only just over half the conventions 4/7) is to hold an auction. I'm of the opinion that this could be quite profitable at a big enough event, even though we haven't ever taken much money when running one. (The first was for the widow of a mate who died, the only other big one was when Jackson Lane Jugglers closed)


Dee -

As part of our cunning plans for #EJC2019 I am collecting ideas for what workshops people would like to see available / personally attend at an EJC.

Fill in ideas here to your hearts content:

View previously entered ideas here:

Daniel Simu - - Parent

I would like workshops that go beyond a single skill. Getting into the details of juggling in sessions which require special conditions such as:

Spending at least 3 hours or perhaps 3 days to grasp a concept
Requiring a group such as to share discoveries and inspiration or to build things that can't be done alone
Working on material which can't be grasped instantly and needs to be reflected upon and revisited
Learning concepts which can be best or perhaps only learned from masters who are usually out of reach, e.g. special teachers, retired top performers or cross over teachers (dancers/musicians) who prepare something especially for you.

Single skills, such as this prop + this trick + this level as the form requests, I can find those, not only on every single convention, but also on YouTube or by asking this person in the gym who performs this skill already.

A lot of juggling teaching and research is being done in circus schools, and except for the final acts and videos, a lot of that material never leaves the school walls. I think an EJC is a perfect place to find an audience for similar teachings, and should try and look beyond the simple workshop format!

Dee - - Parent

Does the entry on Line 20 of the spreadsheet essentially sum up your wishes? I'll perma-link to your comment for context.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Thanks!. I hope it turns into something :)

Austin - - Parent

A workshop on posture and form- I would consider this a possible problem for people like me who practice on their own 90% of the time. I am working on it but it's hard when I can't see myself...

Dee -

For those of you who were not at #EJC2016 there was only one proposal for #EJC2019 suitable for being put forward for approval by jugglers at the General Assembly - do the big news is that the EJC is returning to the UK in 2019 after a trip to Lublin, Poland and the Azores in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Mini - - Parent


Where and by who Dee

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

An FB thread suggested Newark. No idea who the gibbering mentals​ kindly volunteer team is.

Richard Loxley - - Parent

I believe the team is being led by Jane Randall?

She has two successful BJCs under her belt, which in my opinion were both superbly run.

A good stepping stone for the EJC I think.

I think the venue is Newark Show Ground.

Squibly - - Parent

I presume you are thinking of the two most recent excellent BJCs in Darton. I believe that Jane also co-ran BJC 2011 in Nottingham.

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Jane "just shoot me if I ever contemplate running a BJC again" Randall? That Jane Randall?

She'll be ace.

mike.armstrong - - Parent

She's as good as her word...

Dee - - Parent

I can confirm that the proposed venue is currently Newark Showgrounds and the team is led by Jane Randall. The site was selected partially because of the accessibility of Newark-on-Trent to the East Coast Main line [which, if there are no strikes, means that it takes about 4 hours from Paris by train and 3 from Brussels]. The final 5 km from the train stations in Newark to the site is proving the most problematic; we are hoping that given three years notice, we can arrange some form of usable transport for the final leg of the trip.

This far in advance of #EJC2019 we are still assembling all of the expertise required and we are also in post #EJC2016 review mode of what worked and didn't from an organisational perspective in terms of the things that we can do anything about. No point in being overly critical of things that are either beyond our control or not applicable to our site.

charlieh - - Parent

Right, now to find all the clown cars in the UK for that final 5km....

Seriously though, congratulations to the bidders and let's plan for an amazing EJC in the U.K. - we have a large, active, experienced and multi-skilled community and between us I'm sure we can do wonders!

Dee - - Parent

Thanks Charlie...

We are currently collating a list of things that we liked / didn't really like that we can actively adopt / alter for our site. Also it includes bits that we liked that our site currently doesn't really allow us to do [such as walk to the supermarket] that we have to think of solutions to over the next few years. At the moment it's a bit of a post EJC brain dump, but it's best to get it while still fresh in the head.

You can add your contributions here in this google doc


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