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Dylan -

Your Juggling Inventory?

Just wondering what sort of props/equipment everyone has, include numbers, brands etc. Also maybe a little review on each product?
I'll start with mine, which so far is actually ok considering less than two months juggling, but a little on the homemade side =P.


5x MMX balls, 4 white one orange (62mm, 110g): I honestly don't find these balls to be that great, it may just be personal preference or that they aren't 'broken in' but they're over hyped in my opinion. Nothing like a bean bag/Russian, they roll all over the place and collisions are very hard to recvoer from. The one thing I like is the feel of them it your hands, the squishy rubbery feel =].

3x Play standard Juggling rings: The only rings I own and seem good enough for ring juggling, for what I've used them for so far they seem very durable and great to juggle.

3x European Cool Juggling Clubs: My favourite clubs compared to my homemade set, however they're really not durable at all. One session of juggling on concrete snapped the dowel in one of my clubs and I'm now looking to buy a new, more durable set.


3x Rice filled Balloon balls (random weights+size): Fun for starting when you have NO other balls, but horrible really.

3x Rice filled socks (~140g, 68mm): These were in my opinion really decent juggling balls to get me started, though once I got my MMX balls I switched out and never went back.

3x Big Beanbags 2 shades of brown (200g, 85mm): These are really great for 3 ball juggling when I feel like messing around and using bigger balls, I have them quite underfilled so they're also great for stalls anywhere on your body. Made with old t-shirts, filled with birdseed.

5x Medium Beanbags Grey+Red (150g, 72mm): These were my main balls for the majority of my juggling so far, though now I only rarely use them if I want a softer catch or heavier weight. Made the same way as the big version.

5x Small Beanbags White+Red (80g, 55mm): I made these just as a joke messing around trying out really small balls, I've hardly used them as they feel too weightless and small, but still fun for multiplexes and 5 sometimes.

17x Russian style, salt filled, 5pink, 5yellow, 7green (85g, 65mm): Wow. These are literally the best juggling balls I've ever used and plan to keep them as my mains for quite some time- unless I'm lucky enough to win 'better' ones from the IJA tutorial comp =D. I thought they'd be a bit light to start (trying to keep them under 50% filled so they don't roll much) but after juggling them a bit they're perfect! The fact that the filling moves freely the apparent weight is much greater when they hit your hand, making them feel heavier and much more solid when caught- which I really like. Definitely recommend making some if you've never tried Russians.

5x Sand filled Russian style, blue (85g, 65mm): I was really dissapointed with these as they seem to dent really easy compared to the salt filled ones (I have no clue why, maybe the blue plastic is just softer?) and the sand seems to roll less freely so they feel more solid and less russian like when caught/thrown.

3x Clubs Lightweight 'Green' clubs: The version I made of these was pretty horrible but I hear when made properly 'Green' clubs can be very good. Used for one day and gave up with them =P.

Anyway, there's my inventory so far and a little about each, I'm fine with much more simple responses but would love to hear about your favourite props at least =].

lukeburrage - - Parent

Here are my clubs:

Maybe I'll make other videos about the juggling balls and rings I use, but this should do for now.

Dylan - - Parent

Haha, believe it or not, I've actually already watched this video lol =D.

Dylan - - Parent

P.s, Instead of putting them back into your basement, I'd take some? =D.

mike.armstrong - - Parent

I'm going to stick to what I carry in my bag, cos life's too short for a list of everything that I own:

"Proper" juggling:

  • 5 white Henry's Pirouettes with a bit of green and yellow tape around the handle at the knob end (pffft!) so I can recognise them from a distance. All other clubs are stupid.
  • 7 home made russians - I like them a lot but I'll never be able to justify carrying this many.
  • 5 white Spotlight silicones. They're silicones, what else to say?

Interesting "Juggling"

  • 7 extra large white (spotting a theme yet?) Babache rings for body rolling and spinning. They're the biggest that you can get, so I got them.
  • 3 custom Nil Pol Manipulator bowler hats, black with grey inside and a white band. These are still the best thing in my prop bag, but next time I'll get the new design low-rise ones cos then I'll look like less of a nob.
  • One large and one small Tesco playground ball for spinning. Not available in white. Finding the perfect spinning ball is a neverending quest, but I like these a lot. You'll need a time machine to get them though or access to the suitcase in my loft which has all of the extras that I bought back in the heady summer of 2008(ish).
  • A white Babache body rolling ball. This might replace the small tesco ball. Or it might not. I'll have to keep lugging it around 'til I make my mind up.
  • An elasticated collapsable fibreglass tent pole with a spinning top tip wedged in one end of it. For the Bungay trick. I played with it for the first time in ages at #clubcircuscentral last night, and have found yet another use for Sugru to make it nicer.
  • A Juggling Arts mouthstick. It's beautiful, but way to heavy for me. I keep deciding to drill out the centre to lighten it, but then stopping as I don't want to ruin it. I need to make my mind up though, cos all it's doing at the moment is making my bag even heavier!
  • A Rhett Kelly 6 foot nylon bullwhip in black and silver. Lovely.
  • A short lasso. I'd love to be good at this, but I never practice it.
  • 3 weighted tennis balls in a weighted can. I'd love to be good at this, but I never practice it.
  • A kendama. I'd love to be good at this, but I never practice it.
  • A toy cigar. I don't even care about this anymore, but it's light.
  • A pipe. I might invent something to do with this one day, but it hasn't happened yet.

I'm sure I've forgotten something, but that'll do for now.

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Okay, I'll run with the juggling bag idea. My bloody heavy and big suitcase contains :-

  • 10 Renegade 85mm clubs.
  • 4 Jonglerie Diffusion Stage 80 clubs.
  • 6 Babache cigar boxes.
  • A dozen or more Absolute rings.
  • Maybe ten or so assorted knackered Thuds.
  • About seven Plumsie numbers balls.
  • Six Beard shaker cups.
  • A set of scarves.
  • Two Henry's Circus diaboloes.
  • Two sets Henry's heavyweight carbon fibre diabolo handsticks.
  • Two Freaks Unlimited devil sticks.
  • A 100mm luminous stage ball.
  • 8 Spotlight 63mm sillies.
  • A floppy rubber spinning thingy that is not quite a plate.
  • An 8' Mike Murphy roohide stockwhip.
  • A variety of spare diabolo, devil stick, and plate spinning hand sticks.
  • A selection of parasols.
  • Yo-yos, spare knobs, yo-yo strings, Tesa tape, leather food, Lestival flyers, circus skills badges from scouts and brownies(!), etc. etc. ad nauseum.

The other 95% of my gear stays mostly in the garage!

Jesus Christ, I have too much stuff.

Little Paul - - Parent

I'm jealous of the Jonglerie Diffusions, but I'd want more than 4.

Little Paul - - Parent

The list of "everything I own" would involve unpacking two very large bags and three storage crates, so I'll go with "what's in my bag" as well.

  • 6 white Henry's Delphin clubs
  • 7 white G-Ballz (which I *really* dislike but don't use enough to replace)
  • 2 gorgeous wooden "Ball Sticks" and a 4" purple Babache stageball to go with them
  • 1 white Rhythmic Gymnastics ball (kindly given to me by Mikey years ago, and despite trying many other balls for ball spinning, it's still the best I've got - no you can't have it back ;-)

Not in the bag (because they don't fit) but usually taken with me are some Babache jumbo rings.

Other props which aren't in storage and which get taken to festivals if I remember include:

  • 1 wooden bottle (one day I'll get that bloody plate trick)
  • 3 heavy plastic plates. I could do with replacing these this year I think.
  • 3 Nils Pol hats - like Mike if I were buying them again I'd buy hats that look less stupid.

Everything else is in storage. Including that blasted flaming rolabola of death which *will* one day be jugglermailed to someone who is willing to add more flames to it and use it from time to time.

8 years is a long time for it to be cluttering up my house.

^Tom_ - - Parent

7 White Henry's Pirouettes, orange and purple tape to make them identifyable, pretty, and for preservation.
2 green PX3s, blue tape.

10 barnesey bags in beige/maroon (or, as Dave referred to them originally, "Gryffindor colours")
10 Barbara's small beanbags from Beard. Mostly in black/yellow & orange/yellow.

7 (once upon a time) small dark matt blue Beard stage balls. They looked nice, I bought them, still haven't decided what to do with them.
9 yellow Oddballs bounce balls.
3 other white bounce balls. Won at L! raffle, so probably from Beard?

Several yellow/orange Firetoys (not the mole skin ones, but the others) beanbags and a red/brown home made beanbag are away on permanent loan.

5 Mister Babache rings, Birthday present. All different colours.

One pair Henry's carbon(?) sticks: white, short, with added beads on the ends of the string.
One Sundia Fly bearing diabolo. Rarely used.
One Red diabolo, formerly LED, I think Mister Babache. Once used since getting 2nd hand.

Some (well... 2) glow poi somewhere until someone takes them off me.

emilyw - - Parent

Being a juggling minimalist, I have six plain white pirouettes, and that's it! Lovely they are too.

Norbi - - Parent

Following the what's-in-your-bag system:
- 10 white absolute rings

Going a bit further to what-i-have-with-me-in-Germany:
- the above 10 white rings
- 7 other white rings for show
- 7 blue/white 8 panel Gballz
- 4 white Sundai Sun diabolos + 2 pairs of white Henry's Carbon Fiber stick

What I have in Canada (my current place of residence):
- 40 odd old white rings (Babache, old and new generation Absolutes and Dubé)
- 46 Higgins Brothers rings (7 pink, 7 green, 7 yellow, 7 glow, 9 blue and 9 orange)
- 7 ~3.8" white Russian balls
- 10 ~2.8" white Russian balls
- 8 blue ultra suede Gballz
- 12 white Henry's Delphins
- 2 Sundia Suns (1 clear and 1 transparent) 
- a kendama
- a bilboquet 
- Everything I have with me in Germany, when I go back home in a couple weeks.

What I have at my dad's place in England:
- A stack of well over 100 rings

Lorri - - Parent

I have "some" white Henry's pirouettes (started with 6 but think I'm down to 4 now), 6 ancient spotlight suedes, a stage ball and an acrylic. Not that any of them ever see the light of day, they stay safe and sound in my juggling bag in the boot of my car.

barnesy - - Parent

I'll join in with the bag contents version of this. Everything I own would take too long! So :

3 x white Sundia Suns (plastic washers, so not full fat version). Sometimes also (not instead) 3 x luminous ultralight Henrys Circus

2 x pairs Henrys Aluminium handsticks

Diabolo string change kit (Roll of Henrys orange diabolo string, lighter, bar of imperial leather)

10 x 80g white/maroon/blue 6 panel Barnesy bags (hah, my browser says I can't spell Barnesy!)

6 x White renegade fatheads (recent preference, though that's mostly because I have to admit that my Albatrosses are too ancient to scrape together a serviceable set)

^Tom_ - - Parent

Hmm, it would now appear that the 2 guys I know called Dave Barnes spell Barnesy (or Barnesey) differently. Apologies for the misspelling further up.

pompboy - - Parent

I'll go with the what is in the bag idea as well:

6 Px3 Clubs
6 noname rings
3 Sil-X Implosion Balls
8 homemade sandfilled tennis balls
8 homemade playpit russians
1 8 inch playground ball (head bounce practice)
2 juggling scarves (I guess I lost the 3rd one :-) )
1 little mini speaker for playing tunes, because stoopid Apple ear buds don't stay in my big giant ears
a notebook and pen for note taking notes

cheers - Warren

Little Paul - - Parent

I'd completely forgotten that there's a notepad and pen in my juggling bag. Probably because I keep a notepad and pen in *every* bag I own as they're just so damn useful!

pompboy - - Parent

I'll go with the what is in the bag idea as well:

6 Px3 Clubs
6 noname rings
3 Sil-X Implosion Balls
8 homemade sandfilled tennis balls
8 homemade playpit russians
1 8 inch playground ball (head bounce practice)
2 juggling scarves (I guess I lost the 3rd one :-) )
1 little mini speaker for playing tunes, because stoopid Apple ear buds don't stay in my big giant ears
a notebook and pen for note taking notes

cheers - Warren

mrawa - - Parent

Again with the what's in the bag...

Side Pouch ( I take literally everywhere)
- 5x Juggle Dream Ugly Balls: (one of each colour, first generation ones). I love the feel of them, soft and easy to catch and play with. I'm also terrible, since they can pick up a lot of dust and dirty I've washed them and they seem to turn out fine... I now occassionally tumble dry them when it's too cold to juggle.

Main Bag:
- 3x Green px3: only recently accquired at BJC. Seem to be pretty good, picking up club juggling pretty quick with these
- 6x MMX2 70mm: One Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, White. Great for improving tricks and passing that is easier with the MMX1's
- 8x Green MMX1 62mm: Lovely little balls for numbers and passing (nice and bright).
- 1x 100mm Acrylic: ...umm it's heavy..

Then there's a lot more stuff back at home in crates...

mrawa - - Parent

Oh and I always have a sketch book that doubles as a trick noting remembering device.

Dylan - - Parent

This sounds like a great idea, I might have to get myself a little notepad/book for tricks.
Atm I just use stickies on my macbook but they're getting pretty full.. =P.

mrawa - - Parent

Recently I've purchased a Cannon SX220 HS, this has a handy HD and slow motion video (120fps and 240fps). Great for videoing tricks and deciphering the pattern at a later date :D

Dylan - - Parent

Haha very nice, I myself am planning on buying a GoPro HD Hero2 very soon, for juggling + sports + EVERYTHING lol =D.

mike.armstrong - - Parent

I assumed that notepad and pen, tape (tesa, insulation and micropore), nail clippers and/or file and a water bottle went without saying!

Little Paul - - Parent

I misread "tesa" as "tea" and thought that sounded like a marvellous idea - anyone else want a cup while I'm making a pot?

Lorri - - Parent

Me please!

Dee - - Parent

Me too - my teapot was rather unused in Southend..

david - - Parent

In the bag:
3 older Dubé clubs
6 matched beanbags purchased at a convention
4 homemade smaller matched bean bags
3 older beanbags - loaners
moist wipes (for after torches)
phillips screwdriver
bottle opener
3 odd woodscrews
and attached outside a four-piece hulahoop

david - - Parent

and a soft multi-coloured cap

henriloik - - Parent

My juggling inventory isn't really big because I have only been juggling for about a year, but I have

3 crappy clubs that I never use.

5 dube rings that I plan to use after my elbow heals ( I practiced seven balls for too long and now it hurts!)

5 homemade russian balls. 80 g. I took old tennis balls, filled them with enough sand to be 80g, then stretched balloons over the tennis balls so they look cool. Awesome, though I haven't used them that much because of the elbow thing.

6 cheap beanbags

7 100g penny filled tennis balls. I didn't completely fill them with pennies.

5 baseballs

5 hacky sacks

1 stage ball. I tried contact juggling and decided I didn't like it, though I can use this for head balance.

henriloik - - Parent

By the way dos anybody have any advice on what I should do about my elbow. It seems fine and I'll probably go back to toss juggling in a few days. A week of foot stalls and balance practice can't hurt but I want to do toss juggling. I originally felt discomfort in my elbow The day after I practiced seven ball juggling with 100g balls for three hours, though I usually practice a lot less, so I stopped. It's fine now, but i will remember that I have to build up endurance little by little if I want to practice that much in the future. I am planning to start with maybe fifteen minutes of seven ball a day and slowly do more and more minutes.

Little Paul - - Parent

"If it hurts, stop" is good advice so you're doing the right thing. If however the problem persists, go see a qualified professional about it.

henriloik - - Parent

Also the rule is " If it hurts you're doing something wrong." so I made sure I wasn't making any weird movements with my elbow. Fortunately that was not the case and I had just practiced too much. Actually It only hurt when I tried seven balls the day after I juggled too much, and it never hurt other than then.
The lesson from this:" Don't juggle a lot more on one day than others! Increase practice time gradually!"

pompboy - - Parent

That is an important thing to remember. In running we have the 10% rule. You shouldn't increase your intensity or distance by more than 10% per week. Obviously it is different depending the individual, but, it is a good rule of thumb to follow to prevent nagging injuries.

cheers - Warren

Orinoco - - Parent

Ooh good thread!

7 DX Chroma plus stage balls, currently my ball of choice.
5 home made bean bags made from a pair of jeans & filling recycled from a load of previous beanbags
3 thuds that I forgot I had.
5 pink giant tennis balls that loads of us bought after watching Tom perform at the BYJOTY 2006.
4 four panel hacky sacks

6 white PX3s (one cracked)

3 Henry's Circus diabolos (still got the first one I bought which is coming up to 18 years old & still going strong)
one set of Beard Nylon handsticks, the best thing Beard have ever made IMO
Probably half a 1km spool of diabolo string that I bout about 10 years ago - turned out to be a great investment.

1 AJA devilstick
1 Absolute devilstick

3 cigar boxes, can't remember the make but bought from Butterfingers in 1997

1 Nils Poll short top hat, custom made in the colours & design to match my favourite Womble's hat!

3 TK19 & 1 BC Kendama

A set of poi that my Mum bought me in her ignorance as a present. I still feel guilty about parting with my Mum's presents.

If you'd asked before last year's Crawley Festival this list would have been considerably longer. I made over £350 getting rid of loads of kit, much of which I gave away for nothing.

The Void - - Parent

Tk19s, ay? Are they 3 better?

Orinoco - - Parent

It's what the shifty looking stall holder who sold them to me said!

OK, they might be TK16s...

The Void - - Parent

In the bags I take to a workshop:
6 MMX pink balls, rarely used
5 Renegade 95s, pink, light weight, long unwrapped handle, slimmer dowel. Proper clubs.
3 Henry's pink cigar boxes
2 Sundia pink diabolos, with proper fixed axles, none of this ratchet rackety rubbish for me, thanks.
2 different sets of carbon hand sticks, 1 of aluminium
2 Loop720 yo-yos, looper of choice
2 other loopers, the name of which has temporarily escaped me.
1 Henry's Viper for classic tricks
1 Henry's Viper Neo for slack and low-response tricks
A bunch of spare yo-yo strings.
1 Sunrise Performer kendama
1 stringless Ozora kendama for moshi Kane practise
1 Sunrise kendama for general play
1 Mugen kendama for JKA grading practice
1 generic kendama for any interested parties to have a go with
Official BKA grading paperwork.
1 Hacky sack.
A pen or 2.
Some portable speakers.

Marlon - - Parent

The short version, I typed a long version yesterday and lost my connection to the edge when i tried to post.
Couldn't even get back to what I typed to copy it somewhere safe.

-30 homemade sand-filled russians 80mm,100g : fantastic balls, the best ever (and cheap)
-70 homemade sand-filled russians 60mm,100g: okay but too small and too heavy for their size. Alas , 60mm are the only playpit balls sold anywhere near me.
-The juggling central contest balls: 6 ~70mm transparent russians and 5 80mm blue russians which I can't pick out from the other russians.
-10 underfilled beanbags (BB logo stitched in them) :great for flashing but they don't look all that impressive so they're barely used since I managed to qualify 7 with the 80mm russians.
- cheap beanbags (9 or 12) Mr babache : I use these to teach people to juggle and usually let them keep them
-80mm 350g contact ball

-12 Mr babache 32cm rings. : 5 glow , 5 with different sides to do a 3color switch (which turned out to be exactly what Michael Karas had already discovered)

- 4 Henry's Pirouette with some string and a carabiner to attach them to whatever when I have to carry them.
- 3 cheap plastic clubs which deserve to be burned for being such utter rubbish

other: all used once in a while but nothing I'm really good at
-tennnis balls and can
- 2 begleris: one homemade , one real (Did anyone practice this seriously after that post on rec.?)
- kendama:
- Yo-yo : Henry's cobra?
- assorted box of homemade "magic" tricks. (tricks people showed me as a child growing up in a pub which I recently started figuring out and science based ideas which I think of during lectures)
- hats:a Nils pol which was a lot warmer as I thought and some other 'non-juggling specific' hats
-cigar boxes: of the spungy kind. cigar boxes should click, these feel wrong.
-unicycle: which I couldn't mount if my life depended on it. (it's a new years resolution for this year so I'll probably start practicing this summer)
-rola bola: a plank and a leftover piece of pipe actually but I guess that's the same.

Stuff I'm forgetting:
- ... I can't think of anything now but I'm sure there is more

I hope that gives an idea of the amount of stuff gathered over almost 3 years

It's Him - - Parent

Ok, this what I took to the BJC this year. I left a lot of kit at home as I also had 3 walking globes and about a dozen sets of kids stilts in the car.

6 Henry's pirouettes

7 Butterfingers Skwoshballs

4 Beard Shaker Cups

3 Orange Butterfinger plastic shaker cups

2 Taibolo Diabolos

1 Devil stick with two-tone handsticks

1 balanced one-sided diabolo

3 cigar boxes

2 Guy Heathcote ballsticks

1 six-foot bullwhip

1 smiley yellow plastic Kendama

1 ball & cup

1 throwing knife

6 spinning plates

5 glowballs

various shaped objects to spin on parasol but no parasol

2 plastic plates for plate manipulation

1 Nils Pols hat

I feel like I underpacked!


yaenz - - Parent

hi everybody. here's what i got:

balls: 9x henry's superior 67mm, 5x henry's superior 62mm, 5x mr. babache bubble balls 62mm, 7x play mmx 70mm, 9x six panel-beanbags from torben wigger, 12x ben beever balls, 11x play sil-x implosion 75mm

...and there's the large bag with homemade russians, filled with salt, 70mm, 80gr; around 100 of them (hey, what else to do with all the shells?) which i mainly use nowadays.

clubs: 5x play px3 vegas green, 5x beard radical fish 8,5cm wrapped handles green, 3x henry's albatros

other stuff: 4x henry's cigar boxes, 5x mr. babache 64 mm contact balls, 1x mr. babache j9 125 mm contact training ball, 1x lunastix jester flowerstick w/ handsticks as well as some more or less juggling-related things like bumerangs & footbags.

fak - - Parent

What is in my juggling bag:

4 purple glitter Henry's pirouettes
4 blue Beard Absolute rings
1 orange and yellow ball for contact (this might have been a dog toy)
3 Mr Babache cigar boxes
1 bound Madison book
1 copy of Matt Hall's cigar box workshop handout
1 pad of analysis paper
1 pencil
1 purple Henry's circus diabolo
1 pair of thinly soled shoes
1 roll of yellow Henry's diabolo string
1 pair of Mighty Banana pink and white poi (unused)
1 set of portable speakers
1 power adapter for portable speakers
5 yellow Mr Babache stage balls
1 set of gandini siteswaps "cards" (downloaded and printed)
1 copy of Matt Hall's siteswaps list
1 satin and taffeta bag for juggling balls
1 set of diabolo handsticks

All of that always goes with me, sometimes I add a hat, cane or hula hoop (even a snakeboard now and then).

mike.armstrong - - Parent


fak - - Parent

The cat has repeatedly peed on the Erik's flag poi (not mine) that are in the dining room.

peterbone - - Parent

  • 9 orange Henry's Delphin clubs (plus about 10 old and broken ones).
  • 10 Mr Babache childrens clubs that I was intending to work on 9 with.
  • 8 Bag lady 2.75" ultraleather Flanny bags.
  • 15 blue + 15 red Bag lady 2.5" 'Mom's very best' 8 panel ultrasuede beanbags.
  • 16 2.25" Bag lady ultrasuede Rag bags.
  • 13 old 2" + 12 2.75" Barnsey bags (used to belong to Ben Beever and then Sean Gandini).
  • 16 home-made 2" 8 panel suedette beanbags.
  • 9 red dx balls.
  • 12 rhythmic gymnastic balls of various sizes + 2 volley balls.
  • 7 home-made weighted balls (filled with coins).
  • 10 pinky balls.
  • Snakeboard.
  • Various items I won in convention games that I never use (contact balls, fire props, poi).
  • Wrist weights.
  • Dave Cheetham - - Parent

    OK, I'd been putting this off, because I didn't really want to think about how much stuff I've got, but I recently donated/sold a lot of surplus equipment, so it might be worth thinking about now.

    So here's the list in order of most to least used:

    • 8 x MMX-2 150g balls (7 x Orange, 1 x Blue)
    • 7 x Henrys Volleyclubs (Orange w/ green trim)
    • 9 x Mr Babache Rings (7 x Orange, 1 x Blue, 1 x Red)
    • 3 x Mr Babache Cigar Boxes
    • 9 x 130g Beanbags (Orange)
    • 2 x Kendama
    • 5 x Assorted Balancing sticks (ranging in length from 40cm - 10cm)
    • 5 x Rubik's Cubes (3 x 3x3x3, 1 x 4x4x4, 1 x 5x5x5)
    • 3 x Begleri
    • 1 x Ukulele
    • 5 x Oversized tennis balls (Orange)
    • 5 x Regulation-size Volleyballs (Orange)
    • 10 x Oddballs bounce balls (Orange/White)
    • 3 x Flare Juggling Knives
    • 6 x 150g filled stage balls (White)

    Well, I'm sure I'll remember more down the track, but that's it for the moment.


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