Juggling events - United Kingdom‎ 2002

EventStart dateDaysCountry
Chocfest vii2002-01-261United Kingdom‎
Liverpool Juggling Convention 112002-02-161United Kingdom‎
Glasgow Juggling and Face Painting Convention2002-02-222United Kingdom‎
2002 - One Step Beyond2002-03-161United Kingdom‎
The 5th Circus Space Festival2002-03-2024United Kingdom‎
British Juggling Convention 20022002-03-285United Kingdom‎
Unicyling and Juggling Day2002-04-051United Kingdom‎
British Unicycle Convention 92002-04-193United Kingdom‎
Leeds Juggling Convention2002-04-271United Kingdom‎
7th Birmingham Circus Convention2002-05-041United Kingdom‎
Cosmos Circus Skills Course2002-05-065United Kingdom‎
4th Bungay Balls Up2002-05-1710United Kingdom‎
Brighton Circus Festival2002-05-191United Kingdom‎
Jongleurs Unicycling, Juggling, Circus2002-06-081United Kingdom‎
The Lakes Juggling Convention2002-06-143United Kingdom‎
Uni-Meet2002-06-291United Kingdom‎
Jongleurs Unicycling, Juggling, Circus2002-07-131United Kingdom‎
Crawley Circus Festival 20022002-08-093United Kingdom‎
Cosmos Circus Skills Course2002-08-233United Kingdom‎
Circo Kernow - The first Cornish Juggling Convention2002-08-294United Kingdom‎
Mostyn Mayham2002-08-303United Kingdom‎
2nd Belfast Juggling Convention2002-09-063United Kingdom‎
Deer-Fest 62002-09-063United Kingdom‎
14th Bristol Juggling and Circus Skills Convention2002-09-149United Kingdom‎
The Royal Tunbridge Wells Juggling Festival2002-10-061United Kingdom‎
Manchester Convention IV2002-10-121United Kingdom‎
Durham City Jugglers Oktober fest2002-10-192United Kingdom‎
5th London Juggling Convention2002-11-091United Kingdom‎
BOB 3 (Bristol's Other Bristol)2002-12-071United Kingdom‎

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