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22nd January 2017


# teaching, 1 minutes

(Actually 60 minutes)
We had a beginner workshop today, have tried to advertise it a little but only 5 people showed up. Well, it's 5 more new people than most Sundays, so that's OK I guess. Hope that one or two of them comes back. One could already do a 3b cascade, after the workshop I tried 4-count passing with balls with him. One struggled a lot with 2 ball practice and never got a cascade. 3 got at least a few catches, one of them stayed for the following two hours of practice as well.

# 3 clubs, 4 clubs, 30 minutes

Warm up
4c fountain

# passing, 90 minutes

(With S, T and K)
Weave, T feeding
Weave with an extra club (double passes), more practice needed.
Scrambled V
Rotating Y
Tried to do rotating Y with an extra club too, but we didn't get far.

(With A)

Total practice time: 121 minutes

Location: Södermalmsskolan (Fritidsjonglörerna)

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21st January 2017


# 3 clubs, 4 clubs, 25 minutes

Rented a gym for my birthday (it's actually tomorrow but I had my family here today), did some juggling when not playing with my nieces and nephews.

Mostly 4c fountain
53 once and back to fountain

My sister tried my juggling balls, I gave her some advice that helped her get a few more catches with 3b cascade (saw her get at least 7 catches).

Tried to get my dad to pass clubs with me (5c 1-count) but he gave up very quickly (no, he can't juggle).

Tomorrow: Juggling as usual, except we hope to get some beginners to come and try it too. We have advertised a free beginners workshop.

Total practice time: 25 minutes

Location: Norrtälje

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19th January 2017


# 3 clubs, 4 clubs, 15 minutes

Two new jugglers at the practice today, and they liked passing. :) So, not much solo juggling.

3c warm up
4c fountain, doubles

# passing, 100 minutes

(With T, K and M)
N-feed 2-count/4-count, first with me and T feeding, then me and M.
Boston Circle (4-count)
Y (4-count)

(With T, K, M and S)
Weave, T feeding, at first K was just watching but then he took S's place.
Mr inside Mr outside weave didn't work, but I felt like I have gotten a bit better at turning around
Star, 4-count
Boston Circle, 4-count Ok, we could often pick up after dropping. 2-count not so good.

Total practice time: 115 minutes

Location: Eiraskolan (Fritidsjonglörerna)

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18th January 2017


# 3 clubs, 23 minutes

Nothing new, but I had not done "Mill's Mess" or Under the leg (every third throw) in a while.

# 3 balls, 7 minutes

Reverse cascade
Mill's Mess

Total practice time: 30 minutes

Location: Vardagsrummet

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15th January 2017


# 4 clubs, 75 minutes

Fountain, doubles
53 once and back to fountain
534534 and back to fountain, only got it starting with my right hand today.
552 (triples) once from fountain and back to fountain, lots of drops, some successful attempts.

# passing, 60 minutes

(With S)
Jim's asynchronous ppsps with flips (warm up pattern today)
psphpzphz, better than last time, getting used to the sequence, just have to do good throws too.
Odnom (9647772), Ok but we have done better.
96677 (pdsps), we had a collision problem between my crossing double and the pass before it, not sure why, but it worked a bit better when we switched to me doing crossing singles... Except we both got confused and threw passes to the wrong hand because S always does the crossing passes.
5-count popcorn, I tried doing a few early doubles.

# 3 clubs, 30 minutes

Mostly easy stuff, everyone else left early so I was alone for the last half hour.

# 3 clubs, 3 rings, 4 balls, 10 minutes

Not that serious, just couldn't resist the juggling props (all right, didn't try very hard) though the music was supposed to help motivate cleaning, not juggling...

Some 3c juggling

3 rings, did 423 once and back to cascade a few times. Also with active 2 (spinning around my index finger).

Tried a duplex throw in starting 4 balls... Throwing one ball crossing, then duplex throw with one low crossing, higher straight, I guess that means [34], and into 4b fountain. Saw another juggler teaching it today at practice.

Total practice time: 175 minutes

Locations: Södermalmsskolan (Fritidsjonglörerna), Vardagsrummet

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12th January 2017


# 4 clubs, 3 clubs, 80 minutes

Warm up

4 clubs:

Fountain, doubles
53 once and back to fountain
534534 and back to fountain

53 with the 3 as a backcross, only got it once with the triple from my left hand today.

Tried the kick-up from 3c cascade to 4c fountain again, no success yet.

3 clubs:

423 (double, thumb roll, backcross)

52512 (doubles)
55050 didn't work today

# passing, 45 minutes

(With S)
psphpzphz, new pattern for me. I think we got a full round once, and some close ones.
5-count popcorn, now working good enough for S to try doing tricks (like switching between the two doubles and triple single, or doing 4 5 3.5p 2 3, or an early double pass. I only did psshh though.
French 3-count, difficult.

Total practice time: 125 minutes

Location: Eiraskolan (Fritidsjonglörerna)

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10th January 2017


# 3 clubs, 25 minutes

Juggling in my living room. Well, at least I had not done that in a while, so sticking to low-ceiling-tricks was not too boring.

Warm up

1up 2up (singles, of course)

Backcrosses: Every third throw (OK), two backcrosses and 5 regular throws (difficult at first, but got better), two backcrosses and 3 regular throws was too hard. Also tried doing 3 backcrosses and back to regular cascade, but only got it a couple of times when starting with my right hand. Not when starting with my left.


Over-the-top (flat front), every 5th throw OK, every 3rd throw harder.

# 3 balls, 10 minutes

45123 with active 2, got a few connected rounds.

Tennis (OK)

Reverse cascade (difficult)

Backcrosses: A single backcross throw and back to cascade. Failed more often than not.

Under the arm-throw (every 3rd throw)

Under the leg, tried to do that on every third throw as well.

# 4 balls, 1 minutes

Fountain. Got one round of 168 catches. That's pretty good, almost at the same level as my 4 clubs. ;)

Total practice time: 36 minutes

Location: Vardagsrummet

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7th January 2017


# 4 clubs, 3 clubs, 60 minutes

Warm up

4 clubs:
Fountain, doubles
53 once and back to fountain. Too many drops. I think maybe I'm getting lazy? Starting to expect this trick to work without struggling with corrections... Well, it doesn't, yet.
534534 and back to fountain

Sync fountain, doubles

First (serious) attempts at kick-up from 3c cascade to 4c fountain. No success, but it didn't feel too far away. Got a couple of attempts where the first two doubles were OK, but the third one (the one thrown when catching the kick-up-club) was too low. Had the club placed on my foot before I started juggling. My foot did not like to be kept in upward-pointing position for too long, so I didn't practice this too much.

3 clubs:
55500 with hand clap, once and back to cascade was usually OK if starting with my right hand, but if I started with my left the right-handed triple was usually either too low or landing too far in front of me.

423 (double, thumb roll, backcross). Got 4 times and back to cascade once, starting with my right hand.

1up 2up doubles

Tried the (6,4)(0,2x)* again, didn't get more than two times from cold start into cascade.

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: Norrtälje Sportcentrum

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6th January 2017


# 4 clubs, 3 clubs, 60 minutes

Rented a badminton court again. Got the whole hall for myself, again. :) Remembered to bring music this time, but started without it.

Warm up

4 clubs:
Fountain, doubles
53 once and back to fountain, took more attempts than I would have liked it to, but all right. Guess I have not done that in a couple of weeks.
534534 and back to fountain

Failed the 53 with the 3 as a backcross today

3 clubs:
531 OK. Didn't count but got a decent run, though not my best.
55113 with the second 1 behind my back
1up 360: Pirouettes had better balance today than last time (maybe thanks to some advice I got from another juggler through Facebook). My triples were worse, though. Usually overspun. Drop rate probably about the same as last time. Got 3 or 4 successful rounds.

423 with the 3 as a backcross didn't work well today, though I got it twice and back to cascade a few times.

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: Norrtälje Sportcentrum

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1st January 2017


# passing, 20 minutes

(With T, L and J)
(With R, L and J)

# passing, 45 minutes

(With I, T, R, B and J)
Star Follow Me

# passing, 30 minutes

(With C, E and I)

# passing, 70 minutes

Zippy (workshop + continued practicing afterwards)

# passing, 50 minutes

World record attempt: Most jugglers in a passing pattern. Not that I think it will actually be recorded anywhere but we achieved our goal (to have one club travel between all jugglers) when we were 13 people.

# passing, 40 minutes

(With C)

Total practice time: 255 minutes

Location: Cambourne Village College

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