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29th September 2014


# 6 clubs, 50 minutes

Working on the 6 club flash on triples. Starting with a few rounds of 633 with the common problem of syncing up slightly, so I should try to push the triples a bit higher and catch them cleaner. Then several clean qualifies of three in each hand. My collecting (certainly in my left) improved greatly during the session. I often find the second club in my left is underspun and very low relative to every throw but that was less of an issue today.
Managed several 5 catches which could have turned into a clean flash. A few more attempts should seal the deal.

# 4 clubs, 6 clubs, 60 minutes

Working up to the 6 club flash again. During the warm up, I got several long runs of both 633 and 4 club triples which then meant the clean flash came quite quickly. Warmed down with siteswaps in the 741 family. All in all, a very successful hour :)

Total practice time: 110 minutes

Locations: Garden, Squash courts

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25th September 2014


# 4 balls, 40 minutes

Attempted to run some four ball siteswaps during my lunch break. Pleasantly surprised by the progress with 633 and 55514. I will attempt the 741 family in the next session.

Total practice time: 40 minutes

Location: CMS

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4 balls, 4 clubs, 6 clubs