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16th April 2017


# club balance, 10 minutes

Trying to balance a club on my nose while sitting on the floor.

Total practice time: 10 minutes

Location: Tranemo (SJC)

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15th April 2017


# club balance, 35 minutes

Workshop club on club balance, including trying to catch that way.

Total practice time: 35 minutes

Location: Tranemo (SJC)

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21st March 2016


# club balance, 15 minutes

Didn't dare to actually juggle in the hotel room (work travel, not very exciting).

Mostly club on nose balance. Mostly dropping immediately... Got maybe 3 seconds? Still felt like I was starting to make a very small progress.

Total practice time: 15 minutes

Location: SkelleftÄ

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6th January 2015


# 3 clubs, 5 clubs, club balance, 6 clubs, passing, head balancing, , 210 minutes

3 club Bx's with spin 44c, 3 club headbalance cascade 20c, 3 club full in full out tap backs, 3 club down rolls 14c, 3 club reverse bx's 15c, 5 club 240c, 6 club flash on doubles, 6 club back to back passing.

Total practice time: 210 minutes

Location: Spinning@

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25th April 2014

Jimmy Blake

# 3 clubs, 5 balls, club balance, 120 minutes

Working hard on 5 balls, managed to get some great runs, (For me) 75+ catches.
threw a few 6x4 getting neater,
Still playing with balancing, can't seem to lay down flat on my back with a club on my nose, forgot my spoon so couldn't do that

Total practice time: 120 minutes

Location: Brighton, Moulscoombe squash courts

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