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4th January 2016


# 3-5 clubs, 3-7 balls, 3-6 rings, 210 minutes

Nice relaxed first juggle of the new year. Juggling interspersed with significant periods of standing around chatting.

Nothing very impressive juggling-wise. Need to get working on my goals and carry on pushing for improvement.

My 4 club scissors were feeling pretty solid. No long runs recorded but short runs were feeling consistent. Also 3c backcrosses with a balance feeling good again but wasn't counting the length of runs. Other than that didn't really get anything new or special.

Total practice time: 210 minutes

Location: CamCircus

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16th December 2015


# 3-5 clubs, balance, 3-7 balls, 70 minutes

Excellent little juggle in what was glorious weather for hk in December. Almost exclusively clubs apart from 5 minutes when I had an audience and thought I better do something other than drilling 5 clubs!

3c bxx plus balance was the highlight. Felt natural and "easy" for the first time ever. Broke my old record several times in the space of 6 or 7 runs. Bests of 78 and 82 plus a run of c50 isolated.

Did a fair bit of 5 club endurance. Consistently getting 160-200c but struggle to go further. I think a mixture of bad form, low pattern and lack of strength. Need to get back to the gym.

Will probably juggle some more later as loving the chance to train without work getting in the way. Would have carried on now but for lunch with my brother.

Total practice time: 70 minutes

Location: Victoria Park, Hong Kong

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15th December 2015


# 3-7 balls, 3-5 clubs, balance, 150 minutes

First day of juggling in a week owing to illness and then jetlag.

Was really nice to get to juggle outside in the warmth today though. Winters suck for juggling. Just need to get over my reluctance to practice anything I can't already do in public places though.

Was focusing mainly on clubs today. 5 clubs was feeling good. Spent a while practicing 5c bxx. Single throws to and from cascade getting seem to be getting more solid. Got a couple of 2 connected back to pattern.

Highlights: sunshine, 200+ catches of 5 clubs first try, 5c triples feeling good, 5c bxx improving, lots of applause from passers by!

Lowlights: 7 balls decidedly dodgy today, too many passers by!

Total practice time: 150 minutes

Location: Victoria Park, Hong Kong

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6th December 2015


# 3-7 balls, 3-5 clubs, balance, 170 minutes

Wasn't going to go as feeling super tired but dragged myself out of the house and not too terrible a session considering. Focus on general club stuff and 5b backcrosses.

Highlights - 38c of 3club bxx with chin balance, 5b bxx feeling increasingly comfortable (best of 17 catches from 18 throws today) and very nearly getting 3 throws of 5club bxx back to pattern right at the end.

Lowlights - tiredness, not beating 5b bxx record, not getting 5c bxx back to pattern clean.

Total practice time: 170 minutes

Location: CamCircus

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9th September 2015

Stephen Meschke

# 3-7 balls, 60 minutes

5b - cascade, high throws, chases, 645, 744, (6x,4)
5b - ([44],[44])(0,4) to (6,6)(6x,2) This is a really cool transition that I haven't seen before
6b - async to sync and back, several multiplex tricks
7b - ran to 100+

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: LED lit full court gym

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6th September 2015


# 3-5 clubs, 3-7 balls, 6 club passing, 7 ball passing, 9 ball passing, handstands, 180 minutes

Lazy practice following a nice couple of hours of workshops at a local event in the rather glorious sunshine.

Didn't focus on much in my solo session. Managed to kick up from 3 to 7 balls in one run which was nice. Done it before but haven't tried for a while.

5b back crosses getting slowly better. Feels nicer and more consistent but long runs are still sadly lacking.

Tried handstands a few times. Was failing miserably so got some help from Andy. Maybe I should finally try and get these.

Spent a long time trying to get "countdown" passing with kerry. After some frustration managed to get complete rounds (4321234321234count) to a clean finish twice which was highly satisfying. Hope it will just be runnable next time I try.

20mins of unexceptional ball passing with Heydar to finish.

Total practice time: 180 minutes

Location: CamCircus

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2nd September 2015


# 3-7 balls, 8-13 ball passing, 120 minutes

Started with a droppy ball juggling session. Working on 6b [33] backcrosses (right hand ok, left hand shaky), 5b bxx (14 catches), 5b overheads and a few other bits with limited success.

Then ball passing with Heydar which started terribly and ended pretty well. See Heydar's log for detail but the conclusion is that 11 and 13 are both considerably easier than 8.

Total practice time: 120 minutes

Location: CUJA

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30th August 2015

Stephen Meschke

# 3-7 balls, 90 minutes

3b - under the leg, bounce off knee
5b - cascade and a few siteswaps
6b - async to sync transitions, fountain to multiplex transitions
7b - ran to 100+ catches /w clean finish on first try

Haven't been sleeping/feeling well lately.

Total practice time: 90 minutes

Location: LED lit full court gym

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25th August 2015


# 3-7 balls, balance, headbounce, 100 minutes

Focus on club balance and headbounce with ball juggle under low ceiling.

Balance: 645+bal - 12 rounds clean, (6x4)*+bal 16 rounds (dropped on round 17), 3 and 4 ball mills, 5b half shower, 4 ball shower.

Headbounce: 6 throws of 3 ball cascade with maintained hb after twice. It's slow progress, but it's getting better :)

Also practised some 5b backcrosses and 6&7 balls kneeling

Total practice time: 100 minutes

Location: Living room

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23rd August 2015


# 3-5 clubs, 3-7 balls, 3-6 rings, 7 ball passing, 9 ball passing, balance, headbounce, 240 minutes

Nice session working on clubs, rings and balls in equal measure. Filmed some of my practice to review technique and (in theory) stop me counting catches of some patterns which I think is leading to tension in my less stable patterns.

Most pleased with 4 club singles plus balance dropped down into 5c cascade. Took a while but ended up getting it into a decent cascade several times - think I should be able to get this pretty solid in time. Now to move from 5c to 4 with bal and back....

Also new/improved for me:

6 rings - 18 catches

3 balls + headbounce - 4 catches clean with bounce maintained. Very nearly got 6 catches a few times but couldn't keep the hb going after. Feeling much better thanks to raising the height of the bounce a couple of inches and a bit of coaching from heydar.

7 and 9 ball passing in 1-count with Heydar. Never properly passed balls before. 7 came quickly and a few decent runs of 9 (along with quite a few bad ones!). Need to review footage taken before battery died to review technique.

Otherwise working on club, ball and ring backcrosses. Got 15 catches of 5b bc which is good for me.

Total practice time: 240 minutes

Location: CamCircus

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