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9th December 2017

Stephen Meschke

# 3-6 balls, vision research, 1 minutes

Making a juggling app for android. After two and a half painfully slow courses from Udacity, I made a multi-page app for juggling training.

How the app works:

Training with an app like this is definitely better than just training with music. The app controls practice structure, and I can focus on juggling.

Total practice time: 1 minutes

Location: Linux

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13th August 2015

Stephen Meschke

# 3-6 balls, 90 minutes

Warmup - Jump Rope
3 balls - head stalls, shoe taps (2 high throws, and tap outside of shoe)
4 balls - shoe taps
5 balls - shoe taps, 5 ball siteswaps
5 balls - throwing 6464 into 645 is REALLY FUN
6 balls - whimpy

Total practice time: 90 minutes

Location: LED lit full court gym

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