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22nd March 2016


# 7 balls, 5 heavy balls, 5 balls, 3 heavy balls, 3 clubs basics, 3 clubs tricks, #invention, 170 minutes

3c basics, tricks - ~10 min   Doubles: 112 throws, took me walking away 10m.   Triples: 13 th.   34530 almost one period clean, just last three 1½ spins.   441 one ugly launch from cascade to collect (tipcaught).
3b 200gr, freestyle, misc - ~13 min.
5 heavy balls, 200 gr casc - ~7 min.   Endured 361 catches; some muscle or sinew in elcrook then burning.
5b casc varied - ~10 min.   Usual high; wide\\narrow; walk back-forth; fastest.
7b casc - ~130 min.   ,,39,43 (speedier, swifter, nimbler now),41,57--41,,45,(clouds and chilly wind came up here => thicker clothing + more shoulder-work),,,,, throws runs longer than 38 th. [Commas = timeline; "--" = consecutive runs]   [ dailyLongestRun7b: 57 ]
In between 7b had a queer catch with ball between back of fingers to the shoulder!? Tried to get it on purpose an invented the new "fingerback-stall" :o]) thing about it is .. you can then all of a sudden snap your fingers straight slide-thrusting the ball back up (or foreward) into pattern. Works best with cheek (shoulder is awkward) or temple, also on the other side (crossing, against upper arm \ shoulder part, then). [Please alert me if you do and upload this embedded into routine!]

Total practice time: 170 minutes

Location: rivershore-meadow

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