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5th April 2016


# 7 balls, 5 balls, #efficiency, #endupatt, #mentec, #technique, #fractalPractise, 160 minutes

5b casc varied - ~10 min.   Usual.   And endured 489 throws (only run).
7b casc - ~150 min.   ,,, 43,,,, ~40+,,,,,, throws runs longer than 38 th. [Commas = timeline]   Long dull worn phase: doing wrong is more strenuous than doing right, and can tear you down into dulling time away .. still mostly do it wrong instinctively - mostly have to willingly  d e c i d e  to
a) heartily not launch the first four throws too low [I do ladder start],
b) aim well where I want the top of the pattern, (visualize it, spot it in the empty air above, think of it)
c) put that top of the pattern almost above head (= juggle near the body),
d) do nimble from loosened wrists,
e) then simply feed the top of the pattern,
f) scooping some, throwing somewhat more from inside (but that's later, for running pattern, drift-stuff, at 25 to 35 throws). Only sometimes, when I'm `well connected´, when I `got the knack´, do I do all of these automatically, even instinctively right without thinking, and juggle will then be easy & swift & relaxed even, but mostly not (maybe futilely focussing on what can't be granted while doing previous steps wrong). Going back to launching well, exaggerating flapping wrists, speeding up, should then slowly get back into again, get running patterns in the first place, to then further work on later problems like drifts. #fractalPractise   [ dailyLongestRun7b: 43 ]

Total practice time: 160 minutes

Location: uneven cobbles under bridge

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6th February 2016


# 7 balls, 5 balls, 5 ball tricks, #efficiency, #StagesOfLearning, #meta, #fractalPractise, 110 minutes

5b div - 20 min.   Casc varied. A bit split bx and bx and chaotic °56756-attempts.
7b casc - 90 min.   36 (@ 30'), ~35, ~37, 35, ~35(?), 36(?) throws runs longer than 33 th.   Got into swift speedy (almost lax) launches into swift easy pattern later  [ dailyLongestRun7b: 36 ]
#fractalPractise ? - I often don't get it early in a session or stint. Early good runs rather happen when I practise daily a real lot.
  1. get some periods kept up (~20-25 max throws, most rather less, having more early fails),
    doing pretty too high pattern,
  2. find into suitable beat-height-ratio at decent better jugglable height. Here or under 1. ca-
    -sually doing higher and higher to keep pattern up. (around 30+ max, but still
    many ~20-25 and still early fails)
  3. you got the pattern up, but not relaxed, rather working it, failing on drifts (towards too wide,
    tow. halfshower, tow. getting too low, tow. spin \ torn turning with body, tow. having
    to walk ahead, anything). But at least, now you can spot such drifts and work
    against them,
  4. somewhat stable pattern found and partly controlled, but not at will ..
  5. (?) [not there yet]
Aren't these the same steps you take from ever learning the pattern from when you started to flash it, qualify it, a.s.o.?
So, the learning process is repeated each time you have to work yourself back into it!?
[edit, 16,02,2016] Same with every single run: get the launch, the flash --> get the height --> get the ratio --> settle into keeping it up. - - - So, that's three (?) levels: the whole learning history, a stint / a session, and the single run, all sharing the same build-up.

Total practice time: 110 minutes

Location: concrete area among fields

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