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3rd January 2018


# 5 ball tricks, #reflecting, #technique, #endupatt, #chartread, #improvement, 195 minutes

[ daily7b II: 0 ]

120' + 75' - 5b rev casc - 87 (30'), 91, 105, 104, 82, 114, 101, 97, 112, .. , So, what or which is the "weakest element" of my 5b reverse cascade? - Dunno, ... in good phases with good patterns it seems, the issue in a given moment is simply relaxing and settling in that pattern versus losing the pattern there, maybe a casual slip, ... when i don't get it in bad phases, several issues might be that "weakest, worst element": maybe a slightly too bad height per beat ratio, maybe too little scoop to the outside a bad width, a too narrow pattern, gotta find out if can unless that "weakest element" is maybe dynamic and changes from time to time and pattern to pattern and is difficult to nail. If there is any such weakest elemment in my 5b revs, I'd expect it to be there both, in good and bad phases. Maybe it's simply my weaker hand doing wrong in any case. .. 91, //10' break//, 107, 93, 84, 95, 103, 93, 119, 93, 88 cl, 87 throws runs longer than 80 throws. [ 5b reverse cascade progress: 119 ]
It's going half well, though, - #chartread 5b rev casc - I've increased my average, just haven't gotten the very long runs (~150+ throws) like in spring, nothing way above that daily over 100 throws since over three weeks now.

Total practice time: 195 minutes

Location: indoors low ceiling

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25th May 2016


# 7 balls, 3 clubs basics, 3 heavy balls, 5 heavy balls, 5 ball tricks, 9 balls flashing, #ballproperties, #chartread, 240 minutes

3c basics - ~5 min   50, 227 doubles. 22 triples. 5 quadruples.
3b 200gr, freestyle, misc - ~10 min.   Long not done 524RO13.
5 heavy balls, 200 gr casc - ~10 min.   7-high.   Wristy 5-high.
5b 56752 - ~10 min.   Several 3.rd `sides´, once 11 catches in reach.   Always a two stage practise: at first I do concentrated and fix errors until i think, i halfway got the pattern and some third side thrown; then i do speedy without thinking, just following the melody, thereby also checking how far it's automized, and this will also do a better and more flowy timing if the throws come well.
9b flashing - ~20 min. (MMX)   Felt great to see 9 balls up there again.   Took a while, then got 6 gathers several times. One very good launch with 9 c in reach .. could see them all coming well-spaced and well-aligned, but I'm not used to catching the bigger balls at that speed, beat and momentum; and the MMX aren't as drop-dead in the hand at collect as my small 55mm leather beanbags are, but a bit bouncy onto one another. But I don't really want to go back to the small ones 'cos they have other problems (unequal; slippery; lose rice). Guess, I'll have to not collect, but go on throwing ;o])
7b casc - ~185 min.   ,,,,53 ,,,,63 cl ,,,,,,]X[ ,53 ,41* ,,,,,,59 ,51 -- 50 ,, throws runs longer than 40 th. [Commas = timeline; " -- " = consecutive runs; "cl" = "c cl" = catches clean; X = short break] *41 - turned into rev cascade for last ~1½ periods, that one.   A lot 35+ runs - looks like my `strange attractor´ has risen from 29-33 to 35+.   [ dailyLongestRun7b: 63 ] <-- # chartread - clearly my highest practising level ever, now. Was still unsure about my average having risen for good in March-April for it maybe being peak runs on consecutive good days only, but my feeling of having improved and still improving also shows now.

Total practice time: 240 minutes

Location: rivershore-meadow

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1st February 2016


# 5 balls, #chartread, 150 minutes

5b endure - 150 min.   351 (@ 30'), 345 (@ 1h 25'), 513 (@ 2h !?), 447, 377, 531, 465 throws runs longer than 320 th.   [ dailyLongestRun5b: 531 ] <-- reading that chart: It's difficult to read for some variables like  a) different stint durations done 5b enduring, for  b) different form on days and for  c) different approaches: partly doing whole stints on finding "easiest" pattern only or mainly (15 Nov ff.),  d) how hard it was to get very long or even only minimum >320 runs, how many hard savings were in those runs (which i know have gotten less lately), and  e) indoor-outdoor ratio like if or not did 7b and or 5b heavy balls before. - Yet, I can say or actually see, that runs >600 have recently gotten more. Can see that from Oct 'til mid Nov improvement was much more palpable, and can remember getting PRs was partly also due to seeing that faster improvement and knowing that last PRs were recent (enthusiasm then still un-used-up so to say); so, I seem to indeed have met a hurdle, it not being obvious to go on improving to >1,000 catches. Now, looking at minimum daily longest runs, and looking at average (without high & low peaks) and at > 600 c runs, I also find less shorter daily longest runs (while many of these were due to "easiest" mode, though). When I think of any peaks, low and high, and their corresponding lines blanked and the chartlines connected there, my average seems to have risen too, .. but shows more spread recently compared to mid Nov 'til mid Jan. - All in all, the chart seems to confirm what i feel getting longer runs easier and with somewhat lower pattern, since having focussed on easy pattern a lot. And confirms my confidence to get over 1,000 (hopefully towards 1,200-1,300) anytime except on bad days, or at least necessarily soon or late, and be it by mere statistical odds. I also feel, that i can still improve that "easiest"-mode and stableness of the easy pattern a lot until it really feels 'boring' ( i don't mean that like it sounds :o) ), until it's 'like 3b only' and really as familiar as walking without need to think about steps to take and as naturally controlled as walking left, right, slower, faster.

Total practice time: 150 minutes

Location: indoors low ceiling

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