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11th August 2017

Mike Moore

# No3b, 40 minutes

Somewhat uninspired...couldn't practice anything too demanding because I overdid it at juggling club last night a little. Nothing to worry about, just a bit sore.

Did some (4x,4x)* 0.5bth which was annoying. A little #ISC, working on some other transitions into it.

Listened to Hardcore History for the first time after receiving lots of recommendations. Not a fan based on it so far, I guess I'll give it one more session. Recommendations for interesting, educational(ish is fine) podcasts that don't take one's entire attention. One's I've enjoyed so far: Hello Internet, Freakonomics. Radiolab was kind of middle of the road (very deep into stories that often aren't relevant to me, but are interesting). Intelligence squared takes too much focus to juggle to.

Total practice time: 40 minutes

Location: Other lecture room

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