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4th August 2017


# 3 clubs, 4 clubs, 40 minutes

Short warm up

3 clubs:
Tried to do gallop rhythm, with lower throw height from one hand than from the other. (Practice for parts of some of the passing patterns we tried yesterday.) Probably looked like a complete beginner who couldn't get either throw heights or rhythm to work... Didn't work very well.

4 clubs:
Tried to learn to juggle 4 clubs on double single, also gallop rhythm, supposedly good practice for passing 8 clubs 2-count, and for some of the patterns we tried to do yesterday. Didn't get many catches, maybe 6 on the good rounds. Of course tried the other way, too, with left hand doing doubles... which worked slightly better. Definitely got 8 catches at least once.
Most of the practice time was spent on this.

A little bit of 4c fountain doubles

3 clubs:
A few rounds of 1up 2up singles

Total practice time: 40 minutes

Location: Ute på gården

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