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10th July 2017

Stephen Meschke

# vision research, 1 minutes

I have been thinking about the injury that Peter Bone sustained while juggling: link to thread about topic. I want to provide him with the best text based remote diagnosis over the internet possible, so I have done some research into his injury.

Using the same tracking programs from the Juggling Data Set, I created this: pose estimation of 2 ball juggling.

I am not sure how to interpret this, but I believe that it would be useful to show that just after a ball is caught, the tricep fires, pulling the hand down. This rapid downward movement of the hand can put lots of pressure on the ulnar collateral ligament if the bicept is not relaxed.

My diagnosis is a torn UCL, and my treatment recommendation is ulnar reconstructive surgery (also known as Tommy John Surgery) where a ligament is taken from the leg of a cadaver and implanted into the arm. Tommy John Surgery is used effectively for Major League Baseball pitches, who often see in increase in velocity after the surgery.

Total practice time: 1 minutes

Location: Linux

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