Maria's practice log for 3rd August 2017

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3rd August 2017


# 4 clubs, 25 minutes

A bit windy today...

Warm up

Fountain, doubles
Kick-up from 3c cascade to 4c fountain
534534 and back to fountain

# passing, 110 minutes

S came to Norrtälje to juggle with me today. Usually I go to Stockholm to juggle with him (and sometimes with other members in the club, too).

Jim's async ppsps with flips works well now.
psphpzphz was OK
Odnom (9647772), we have done this a lot but it's still difficult.
zap pass self (567), difficult. (Decided to practise zaps because they should not be too affected by the wind.)
zap self pass self self (75666) was a bit better, but I over-spun most of my passes (including the zaps).
Gallop rhythm zap self (righthanded zaps, lefthanded selfs). Difficult.
Same rhythm, but the right hand doing zap double-self (left hand always doing selfs)
Same rhythm, but the right hand doing pass pass self pass double-self. Hard. Got to me doing my second double-self a few times, but nothing better than that. First we tried with the right hand doing pass self self double-self double-self, but that was too hard. I should practice juggling 4 clubs on double single.
5-count popcorn
Funky bookends

Total practice time: 135 minutes

Location: Ute på gården

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