Stephen Meschke's practice log for 14th June 2017

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14th June 2017

Stephen Meschke

# vision research, 1 minutes

Idea for juggling data set:

Imagine a magical set of balls. The balls change to red when touched with the left hand, and stay red until they are touched with the right hand. When they are touched with the right hand, they turn green, and stay green until they are touched by the left hand.

This would be really helpful for analyzing a juggling graph. If all the green peaks were lower than the red peaks, it would be obvious that the throws from the right hand were lower than the throws from the left hand.

Using various methods (finding local maxima in velocity or finding local maxima in x position) I can accurately determine when a ball is touched by a hand, I can also determine which hand touches the ball.

But how should I go about this? So many interesting questions!!!

Total practice time: 1 minutes

Location: Linux

Comments (3)
7b_wizard - Aren't the hands determined, once you know the siteswap and the hand that threw first .. and plotting the graph is not restricted to ball-colors.
7b_wizard - For e.g. a 5b cascade, one could simply choose black & white (on e.g. grey background) alternating for "one hand" & "the other hand", the graph going then by hands throwing, not balls with a color thrown.
Stephen Meschke - I know the siteswap, but the computer doesn't know the siteswap. Anyway, it seems that black and white graphs on a gray background are a little confusing anyway: