Maria's practice log for 10th June 2017

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10th June 2017


# 3 clubs, 4 clubs, 40 minutes

Warm up

4 clubs:
Fountain, doubles

Siteswap 5 as doubles:
55550, didn't get more than 6 catches.

...had to stop for a long break (that later turned into lunch break) earlier than I had planned to, because of abdominal pain.

# 4 clubs, 15 minutes

Siteswap 5 as doubles: Mostly 55550. Got 8 catches the best round.

# 5 clubs, 30 minutes

Trying to do a flash. Failing, but it felt a lot better than last time. This time it was often good enough to be able to think about what was wrong.
Common problems: 2nd throw being a bit high, 4th throw being too low, 4th and 5th throw landing too far in front of me (probably meaning that I don't have enough time to do a good throw), 5th throw very low.
Best attempt: Caught the first 3, touched number 4, caught number 5. Was moving forward quite a bit for the last two though.

# 3 clubs, 4 clubs, 45 minutes

4 clubs:
Fountain, doubles
53 once and back to fountain
534534 and back to fountain

Kick-up from 3c cascade to 4c fountain

3 clubs:
423 (double, thumb roll, backcross)
Easy 3c juggling while "dancing" (well, at least moving to the music), trying to make moves as similar as the ones the circus group was doing as I could. Not very similar at all, but it was fun.

Total practice time: 130 minutes

Location: Kvisthamraskolan (Cirkus Mani)

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