7b_wizard's practice log for 9th June 2017

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9th June 2017


# 7 balls, 5 ball tricks, #PR, #outstandingRuns, 5 balls, 258 minutes

5b endure - 10 min.   From cold, did until a 500+ throws run - took ten minutes. Got ~525 th.
5b casc varied - 20 min.   9-high a few.   Then, same idea as above, getting long ednured runs and the corresponding feel and technique and mindset, did wristy 7-high wanting like 200 throws (about double of what I currently want with 7b); dunno how long it took, but after several attempts got 197 throws.   A bit "fastest" too.
5b 52567 - 68 min.   Upto two 9th sides, one of which full caught, three 10th sides, one of which full caught. Then 14 sides with one last drop = new #PR 55 catches. #outstandingRuns - The run was forced, slaving to rhythm and heights as good as I could without really controlling anything. Also a slight drift left ahead took me walking around and away from my spot in a big half circle not seeing where I was stepping on those bold cobbles needing to do every step ``individually´´ so to say. Didn't learn anything from that run, yet hopefully my subconscious will on occasion remember how to keep this pattern up even longer. Couldn't confirm, so no ``breakthrough´´, but good stint with good yield and some smooth shorter runs, and glad this is moving on.
Had chosen a spot (under the bridge) on the other riverside, where I happened to originally start to work on just this pattern about a year ago.
7b casc - 150 min.   43, 45, 45, 48, 65, [short snackbreak and lie down two minutes], 51, 49 throws longest runs.   [ daily7b II: 65 ]
5b fastest - 10 min.   No long runs.

Total practice time: 258 minutes

Location: uneven cobbles under bridge

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