Stephen Meschke's practice log for 17th March 2017

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17th March 2017

Stephen Meschke

# vision research, 1 minutes

Found this:

The two-streams theory says that there is an identification stream and a motion stream.

One visual stream goes to the Ventral System. This is the system that identifies the object. The Ventral System works slowly and identifies the object in greater resolution. When the Ventral System is active, the head is moving and the object is fixed.

The other visual stream goes to the Dorsal System. This system identifies motion. The Dorsal system works quickly and stores information for only milliseconds. When the Dorsal System is active, the head is fixed and the object(s) are moving.

Consider examples:

You are hungry and you come across some wild berries. You have to examine the wild berries and access whether they are edible. System used: Ventral System.

You are resting in the forest, and you see a spider descend from a tree. You need to move so that the spider doesn't land on you. System used: Dorsal System.

My experiences with juggling support the two-streams theory.

Total practice time: 1 minutes

Location: Linux

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