How your account email address is used

This is the email address you entered when creating your account.

This email address is never displayed to anyone except you.

I will never send you spam or disclose an email address to anyone else.

All email addresses are encrypted before being stored on the server.

If you are using a whitelist all automated emails will be sent from

Your account email address is treated differently to any email addresses you use in any of the directory sections.

Emails you could possibly receive

A password reset notification. This may be activated:

Notification that your High Command access to an event, event or group has been authorised.

Notifications when someone directly replies to one of your posts on the forum if you select the, "Email me when someone replies to one of my posts" option.

Notifications when someone beats one of your top records if you select the, "Email me when someone steals one of my top records" option.

Verification requests for any clubs that you mark yourself as an attendee of with the, "Email me when this club needs verifying (every 90 days)" option selected.

Notifications when someone replies to a thread you have subscribed to on Meta talk.