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Little Paul -

Now Available - Alexander Kiss book "If you are a juggler"

Niels Duinker has just released this on Amazon: - hopefully the ordering process will be a little easier than it was for "Juggling, The Past, and Future"

The description on amazon reads:

Alexander Kiss wrote, "If You are a Juggler" in the USSR in 1970. Now that it finally has been translated into English, we can all learn from this Russian circus icon and master juggler. In 1969 Alexander won the Rastelli Award, given to the top juggler in the world. In this book, Alexander Kiss shares his life's work while also offering insights to jugglers and other performers alike. From stories of juggling greats to descriptions of their famed tricks, this is a collection of valuable information to all who read it. Learn Alexander's thoughts about proper practice technique, how to structure an act, correct body position, originality, developing new tricks, prop decoration, and much more.

I'm very much looking forward to my copy turning up...

The Void - - Parent

UK amazon link:
Cheers, ordered!

bad1dobby - - Parent

Any chance of a review, LP? As brief as you like...

bad1dobby - - Parent

... or as detailed as you like.

Scott Seltzer - - Parent

eJuggle ( will have a review soon. I'll try to remember to post a link here when it comes out.

Little Paul - - Parent

Once my copy arrives, I'll certainly let people know what I think of it.

The Void -

Bungay Balls Up 2018. It's on again! Feel free to add yourselves as attendees at .

View the flier in all its glory at
#BungayBallsUp Flier now with yellow text & drop-shadow! Pick 1 up at #BathUpchuck on Saturday. #juggling #upchuck
— Bungay Balls Up (@BungayBallsUp) February 14, 2018

(Oh, damn, forgot that twit pics don't embed here, click the "pic.twitter" link.)

Check the website for directions, etc.

All the usual fun of the fair, juggling space aplenty, games a go-go, cafe on site, a possible return of the trebuchet, and Charlie's volunteered to run a Taskmaster at some point. All of this and more.

If any FightNighters want there to be one again on the last Sunday this year, then volunteer to run it! I don't fancy it this year, myself, so someone else can run it. (It's quite easy to run, really.)

See you all at the world's longest juggling convention!

Monte - - Parent

Trebuchet will return. The old frame will be extended and a new stronger beam will be made.
This may even be the year when we don't manage to break it.

The Void - - Parent

That's a bold prediction!

Monte - - Parent

Did ''may'' need to be in bold capitals to convey it's meaning accurately for you? (:

The Void - - Parent

I was talking about your second sentence. ( <--- This may or may not be true. I'll tell you in May.) :-)

Monte - - Parent

PM May may ban trebuchets, by May we may know, otherwise it may be true that we may rebuild the frame and beam.

Monte -

Montegriffo's frying circus returns for BJC 2018. First time since Pickering convention. See you all there.

The Void - - Parent


Monte - - Parent

Looks like a great castle in Canterbury too.
Anyone been to see it?

Richard Loxley - - Parent


As I no longer own a caravan, this is the first BJC in about nine years where I'll be back in a small tent, and so will be completely reliant on the catering.

This is excellent news, and you have made my day :-)

Monte - - Parent

Aw shucks.

The Void -

Bath Upchuck 2018: Should I make a Juggling Edge event listing for this, or are there any Upchuckers who are actually involved with the convention here, who want to do it?

Tom W - - Parent

No need, I've just created one. Thanks for the reminder! #BathUpChuck2018

The Void - - Parent

Cheers for that!

Tom W - - Parent

For some reason, I thought the hashtag would link to the event page...

Lawrence Figg -

Dear jugglers,
I would be forever grateful for your feedback on this video I recently made.
I am a professional musician who got the juggling bug 3 or 4 years ago and this is the result:

The Void - - Parent

Hi Lawrence,
Firstly, it's not on JTV.
Secondly, it's quite yellow... Set your camera's white balance to suit the squash court lighting to fix that.
Juggling tricks... as an old hand, I've seen a lot of videos, so nothing new to me here, but that's okay.
But, as a complete video... You kept it short, lots of cuts and different angles helped to distract from tthe fact that it was all shot in one location, well edited to the music, and a nice sense of fun. It made me smile, and I enjoyed it!
Nice one, thanks for posting.
Cheers, Void

The Void -

DCA collab vid 2017 - submit quick. Heads up for any DCA lapsers to get in quick for the collab vid this (last) year:

lukeburrage -

Here's a video the juggling history nerds might enjoy:

Yup, almost 24 minutes on a single juggling trick! But one of the most famous bits of juggling. Never before has it been so easy to compare different versions of the Brunn Finish Combination Trick.

Thanks to David Cain for sharing some never-before-published clips from Freddy Kenton and Johnny Joannides. A list of (most of) the source videos can be found over on my blog:

Daniel Simu - - Parent


Thanks for the research, the compiling and the sharing! Good luck with the practicing and building!

Colin E. - - Parent

That's a great video - thanks Luke. I've always loved Ernest Montego's version

lukeburrage - - Parent

I learned last night that in Spanish, or at least in South America, the trick is known as "the combination twelve trick" which, I'm sure, is a reference to the number of objects Brunn catches from his assistant at the start. Maybe it should be "the combination thirteen trick".

The Void - - Parent

Bored on a cruise, were you? :-)

lukeburrage - - Parent

I wanted to learn some combination trick things, so looked into the ultimate version of it. As in, how should it be done, not just how I would do it from memory. Then, of course, I discovered how many different ways it could be done. Then I wanted to work out what the minimum viable version of the trick might be but still qualify as "the brunn finish".

I concluded:
- minimum 9 props, to at least match the earliest version of Piccinelli and Brunn.
- the trick is about ball spinning, ring whirling, juggling, and balancing, all at the same time.
- must include a ball spun on a finger, objects juggled in the other hand, a ball on a mouth pedestal/mouthstick, a ball on a head pedestal balance, and at least one ring whirling on a leg/foot.
- if any above element is missing, it must be "made up for" by inclusion of more props/elements added elsewhere.

The version of the trick that has most elements is Ernst Montego's. The version which is closest to the line of not being included was Michael Chirrick's as there is no balance of a prop involved, and unlike Albert Lucas he doesn't make up for it by performing while on ice skates or similar. But he does have four rings whirling, which means he's not slacking elsewhere.

Only after I put the video together did I notice that mine is the only version where two feet are on the ground. In my defence, I've learned this to put in my second show on cruise ships for when the ship is moving so much in high seas that I can't do my rola bola finale. You can only tell the stage is moving in the video clip because the curtains are swaying in the background. Even standing on one leg is too much in that situation, so I'm not sure if I'll ever bother to learn it so I can perform it on one leg.

Rolf -

Hi Forum,
nice to be here, greetings to all you members of the juggling community.
We are going to celebrate the 30th Birthday of our juggling club in Hagen/Germany on January the 27th. We can't figure out the exact birthday anymore (we think we're late in January...), and the club never changed place, day or time in all these years. Exept on Christmas or New Years Evening the meeting is on every Monday.
We are going to have a show and a party, so if anyone is around this weekend, pop in!

The Void - - Parent

Hey Rolf,
Welcome to The Edge.
Hashtagging this thread to your club: #HagenJugglingClubKulturzentrumPelmke
30 years is awesome for a club to still be going. I was last in Hagen 33 years ago though, so I guess I "just" missed you.

Cedric Lackpot -

A glossary of juggling terminology - does such a thing exist?

In this subthread over on Reddit someone has asked for a glossary of modern juggling, and to my surprise I realised that I'm not sure such a thing exists, not an authoritative one anyway. Can any Edgizens prove me wrong please? Or suggest some good places for a curious Redditor to start looking? David Cain do you perhaps have some suggestions?

peterbone - - Parent

I think it was our God Emperor who created this one. Seems quite thorough.

Dee - - Parent

Although I would question "Backdrop"; to me that is what is behind you - in terms of filming or performing (so, do your props contrast sufficiently with the backdrop or do they blend in?) [I would definitely include that as an alternative meaning]

Otherwise, its a pretty good start on a juggling glossary, it maybe requiring a bit of updating in terms of references to people (perhaps, to make it a bit more timeless, I would omit living people from the glossary)

Orinoco - - Parent

Yeah, I couldn't find anything comprehensive when I looked either, which was what prompted me to compile that page.

It's been a while since I've added anything to that page, I think the last addition was buugeng.

I have added the extra definition for backdrop. I've also removed most of the living jugglers from view. I've left in those who I feel are more famous for a contribution they have made to juggling culture rather than for who they are.

New suggestions are always welcome. Any glaring ommissions from the past few years that I should include?

Mike Moore - - Parent

Box and an inverted modifier!

peterbone - - Parent

Squeeze catch

Orinoco - - Parent

Both terms added, & inverse too which is related. Suggestions for less clunkily worded definitions also welcome!

lukeburrage - - Parent

"Combat: US term for Gladiators" should be "Gladiators: the British term for combat".

Orinoco - - Parent

Yeah, I suppose you are right, it does seem to be a purely British term now. I wonder when that changed? I clearly remember it being announced as gladiators during the games at the EJC in 2002.

& is it a 3 club specific thing? I don't think I've ever heard the term 'unicycle combat' for example.

lukeburrage - - Parent

Gladiators is more of a generic term for "the last person doing this prop/skill with contact between participants allowed" so unicycle gladiators is usually still a thing. Also hoop gladiators or ball-on-head gladiators.

Combat is for three clubs and three balls.

charlieh - - Parent

I think it changed when too many people started using the wrong word.

The Void - - Parent

*spills coffee laughing*

DavidCain -

After 9 months of waiting, here it is - Dream Tricks Challenge # 4 results. Check it out.

The Void - - Parent

Well done, everybody!

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