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Sergei -

Juggling in laying down position. May be somebody practicing it and what are the benefits ? I know David Cain loves to set new records this way ))

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Sakari Mannisto did a lot of research on juggling laying down. There are a lot of arm positions possible while laying down, a lot of leg throws one can do. His enjoyment of laying down juggling inspired this scene in Clowns and Queens:

Luciole -

Hello, I'm Luciole, juggler and drawer:

I co-organize the : GRAÜLICH FIRE CONVENTION from 14th to 16th February and I want to post it this website.

Best regards.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Welcome Luciole :)

For a second I thought it would be fun to go to a convention next week, but I suppose the events page is correct in saying that it takes place in September..?

Mïark - - Parent

Hi Luciole, welcome to Juggling Edge

You should add Graülich Fire Convention to the Juggling Edge Events Listings where more people will see it

Guili -

Hi there! been a while since i last posted here...
but i'm still training ;)
today i wanted to ask you about a wish i had for some time now.

i want to start a juggling club. how do i begin? how does it work?

i now it must be kind of a stupid question for many of you...
but i've never been in a juggling club.. there's no such thing in argentina.
only a few circus schools that opened these last years.
I even live in a small town called Lago Puelo, in patagonia, so not many cultural things available.

I love juggling. it made my life so much better. and i love teaching (i am a music teacher for kids).
so i want to create a place where old & new jugglers can meet, learn, exchange ideas, play together...
i was hoping you can give me some guidelines to how to kick-start it.
one good thing is that i actually know a few jugglers around here... so i can invite them to begin with...

Little Paul - - Parent

My plan is usually:

- Find somewhere to juggle
- Find a time to that place is available every week
- Tell as many jugglers as you know (adding it to and using facebook/instagram/etc to get the word out helps)
- Turn up at that time, every week, without fail.

That's all you really need to get a juggling club started.

Everything else (beginners workshops, teaching, social meetups etc) is an added bonus, but at its most basic, you need to be in the same place at the same time, predictably, reliably, week after week.

It's Him - - Parent

An initial publicity stunt or some other form of marketing also helps.

When starting Spalding juggling club (which folded when we left) an hour of club passing at the local market proved enough advertising to get sufficient numbers to pay for the hall.

When starting Concrete Circus a few assemblies in local schools helped.


Daniel Simu - - Parent

Since you know a few jugglers around, perhaps not just invite them, but involve them! See if they are as excited about starting a club as you are.
For newcomers it's much easier to join a group than to join an individual, unless you want to set up a workshop rather than a typical juggling meeting club.

Guili - - Parent

thanks! lots of usefull data!
i'm going to give it a try these days, or weeks... and will let you know!

charlieh - - Parent

You need a space and some jugglers. That's about it. If you want it to last I'd add:
- turn up on time or a bit early so it's open when people arrive
- make sure it happens regularly - if not then make sure you tell people when it's closed
- make sure you take some time out of your own practice to welcome new people and teach others (ask some of the other regulars to help you with this)
- keep feeding in new people - advertise (online is cheap/free), print some cards or flyers that you *always* have with you, juggle at student events, juggle in parks, juggle everywhere
- if it costs money make sure you plan to run it at a profit - you can always use this profit to buy stuff for everyone to use, put on shows etc. but don't plan to 'just break even' (you won't).

The classic mistake with juggling clubs is not finding & encouraging new people, which leads to the attendance shrinking, the same people running it (and becoming weary of doing so), less money to pay for venues etc. and eventual closure.

Little Paul - - Parent

"if it costs money make sure you plan to run it at a profit" oh god this.

You don't have to aim for a big profit, but you should aim for a profit. If you're running at break-even and you have a few weeks where attendance is down, you'll end up funding the shortfall yourself. If you're running at a profit you've got a buffer to use on those quiet weeks.

Guili - - Parent

yeah... profit?
you know the expression "two horse town"? well, in the town where i live you actually see people riding horses, or a pair of oxes pulling a cart... so.. yeah, not sure it could happend.
I did try to open a paid workshop, a few years ago, it started fine, but in mid-winter fell apart...

so, i guess it is a "non-profit" :) thanks anyway, some usefull data too.

also, do we need to get some kind of ensurence? or leave under-age people out of it?
how do you people deal with that?

again, thanks everybody for the advice, it's beeing really usefull.

Sergei -

I want to hear about your first "juggling magic experience". I was just tossing up 2 balls with my right hand with no hope to catches them as at age 67 I never even tried to learng juggling. Suddenly I felt that both balls are safely back in my hand. I was really wonder feeling for me ))) Wand to know about YOUR first juggling "wonders"/

7b_wizard - - Parent

wonderful question!

I can not remember, it is around 40-45 years ago, i think. First thing that I remember is that I was juggling three tennisballs as cascade when the sports teacher was gone for a few minutes and unlocked the small room where the balls are.

Only years later did I come back to juggling and learned tricks and 5 balls.

There's so many different kinds of magic, of fascination, of simply fun:
when I have control,
- I can shift focus on for example one distinct balls' orbit and follow it through the pattern,
- I can gaze through the pattern into the distant and do with peripheral view only and not see single balls anymore,
- I can gaze near the crossing point of the flightcurves, or near the top of the pattern and watch the balls burble up all the time,
short: it's queer and fun to watch my own ongoing pattern when it seems like my hands are doing by themselves with no need to focus or concentrate, just keep on doing and I can watch it.

That was optical impressions. But when my technique got much better, it became ``mental´´ - I get sensations of ``flow´´, or just very fluent juggling, and the kick lies less in the optical impression but more in the feeling of the hands going on moving right and well.
It is then, when the juggling ``snaps in´´, when I do with snapped-in timing and the rhythm is fluent and the pattern just ``rolls´´, when hands and balls' flights are synchronized.

It was also fun to land my first bodythrows, .. clawing wasn't such a revelation, but getting my first single backcrosses with 3 balls felt great! Like stepping through a door leading outdoors that was closed, lighting up my spirit.

Another kind of magic is when I get another trick, another pattern with a more or less broken rhythm (for example juggler's tennis) or a so called siteswap ( for example: [click! --> 441 or 34530 <-- click!] ). - It is then like in music, a rhythm or a beat or a melody, and it can be funky or have a crescendo or it can be galopped.
When I first get such a pattern, get the right heights, the right rhythm, the right timing all well, it will ``click´´ in the brain :o) dope I tell you!

And still then, what I find greatest, is, when the juggling, a pattern, is not only snapped-in, or not only clicked, but also when it is - suddenly or after working hard on it - .. when it is easy with no effort, when I can at a given moment of full control relax and let loose, breathe out, settle down, and I have the sensation of letting loose and the pattern will not collapse, but go on, like when walking.

Sergei - - Parent

yes, many guys recommended me claws, I tried it today and have the feeling I can learn it in couple days and I am not sure it will add much to my juggling experience )) Thanks a lot for sharing with me. It gives me some directions where "tasty" juggling things are hidden ))

7b_wizard - - Parent

These tasty juggling things are highly individually different, you''l hardly find two jugglers with the same repertoire.
Some go for "numbers", many balls or clubs or rings, .. some collect all the tricks with few balls that they can get, .. some go into a lot of contact elements like rolling or stalling ( =parking them somewhere for a beat or two or three) the props on and around bodyparts, .. there's related object manipulation skills like diabolo, devilstick, .. other artistry to combine, like walking globes, unicycle, .. fire juggling looks spectacular, .. some specialize on a certain trick family or on their style, .. don't forget passing with one or many partners, juggling games, .. and many many more things.
It's a huge and vast field and everyone can find themselves doing what suits them and what they like.

I like to watch, listen, feel which kinds of throws offer themselves in a given moment and fulfill those intuitions, but I surely also reproduce or imitate a lot of what I encounter others doing.

7b_wizard - - Parent

another magic is that "aha"-effect when you (suddenly) get a new trick pretty easily that you thought was hard, that looked hard when you first saw someone (or that animated stickman) do it -and realize it's not so hard at all now. - then also instructing others, teaching and watching them have such moments when they think or say "Hey wow! I can do it!" with bright eyes is even shared magic then.

Sergei - - Parent

YES ! Yesterday I was teaching 3 b cascade in the restaurant to young man using winter gloves as props ))

7b_wizard - - Parent

obsession. passion. keep that!

7b_wizard - - Parent

.. and still another kind of magic / tasty crossed my mind while just practising: the prospect of what you think you can do longterm next!? every pattern or trick or basic skill that you get down opens up new worlds of possibilities .. what seemed completely impossible(!) before, or what never even crossed your mind, and what you didn't dare to think of and consider, all of a sudden gets within reach! it's awesome!

Daniel Simu - - Parent

So many magical experiences... Such as when I discovered that I could climb stairs while juggling 3 balls... Or when someone showed me the factory trick and how to break it down, and I realized that there was a lot possible with 3 balls. Or when I tried to run 3 balls in one hand in the classroom in high school and I felt like it wasn't that hard after all.. But also still now, like last week when I tried a new sequence of connected 5b 3up 360s and figured that I could get it without too much effort! There are so many magical moments :)

7b_wizard - - Parent

yeah, .. "up + pirouette" feel great! .. Sergei, you can try that with "1 ball up + 360° pirouette" or ".. + 180° half turn".

Sergei - - Parent

I guess I will abstain abrupt 360 turns for a while as falling and breaking legs at my age can cost a lot ))) I quit training Karate (I am 4 grade black belt) last 4 years in order not to have serious injuries. Nevertheless I think it will be great to flash 3 up and make 360 turn. Let it be my "Golden dream" for next couple years ))

7b_wizard - - Parent

not "abrupt", but throw very high (outdoors or in a gym or hall), and you can turn slowly half way round for the (1 up) 180°-ies.   ( But, well, I see, no legwork, no stilts, no walking globe, then, whatever you like or suits you best, then. )

Sergei - - Parent

Thanks a lot, I got the point. My wife is Ballet Instructor and I hope she will coach me these turns ))

7b_wizard - - Parent

@ all Edge users - so little participation on this wonderful topic? .. c'mon folks, wake up and share your magic moments!

7b_wizard - - Parent

.. I could fancy, also for example passing, showbizz, first video uploaded, surprising yourself, would provide for some worth posting, no?

Maria - - Parent

The original post asked for my first "juggling magic experience", and I don't remember that! It was too long ago... I do remember being really happy about keeping 3 balls going for a few catches though, so that must have been in the beginning.

I have had the "magic" feeling a few times though. Like when walking and passing, turning around and seeing an incoming club exactly where I expected it to be. Or just when a nice passing pattern works well.

Of course, most of the "fist time I got that trick" moments are really good, too. :)

7b_wizard - - Parent

Yah, good. (oh yeah, I somehow overread that "first" in o.p.) .. [..] exactly where I expected it, oh yes, very good! .. Good moments, thx 4 sharing!

I really need to get into passing better soon than late!

Do you remember what or a moment that made you change towards or decide for juggling with clubs mainly?  ( surely better for passing, but .. )  did it also feel more comfortable, suit you more when you tried first(lol) time?

Maria - - Parent

Well, I had just learned to juggle a 3 ball Cascade (without knowing the name of the pattern) when I decided to buy clubs. I didn't know any jugglers by then, had just learned by myself and had no idea what else to do with the balls. To be honest, at first I saw clubs mostly as a practice prop for torches, though I had seen a juggler doing cool tricks with clubs, too.

It certainly didn't feel comfortable trying to juggle clubs at first! Like I said, I didn't know any jugglers, I tried to learn at home standing over my bed (which is a bad idea for club juggling, teaches you all the wrong technique). I more or less gave up on juggling, just picked up the balls or clubs a few times a year, then not at all...

...until 10-15 years later, when I went to "Medieval week" and a few other events and saw the jesters. They had a fire show, they were juggling torches, and they were passing with them! That's when I decided that, all right, this time I'm actually going to learn this. I took out my old clubs from the cupboard, started practising twice a week (only for about 15-20 minutes), still by myself, couldn't find any other jugglers nearby. A few months later I visited my first juggling Convention, only over the day, but it was fun and I saw 3 passers doing Roundabout. I was like "oooh, that is cool, I want to do that!". (My juggling was still not good enough to join the beginner passing workshop, though.) I still didn't have jugglers where I lived, but I moved about half a year later, found a place to practise with someone who knew a little bit of club passing, went to another juggling Convention, where I met Staffan from my current juggling club (Fritidsjonglörerna), started practising with them and... Well, that was a long answer, but I think passing was the main reason that I choose to almost only juggle clubs. That and the "fact" that they look cooler than balls. ;)

7b_wizard - - Parent

I read: the spark came by the fire!? .. and by roundabout passing. .. Very nice story, very motivating / inciting too. thx 4 takin' the time!

You should do  t o r c h e s !!  :-O  :o)

Maria - - Parent

I have torches, and I have juggled them a little bit, but honestly... Not quite as fun as trying to do passing patterns that are just a little bit too difficult, with regular clubs. There is a video on Facebook where I am passing torches with two of my friends, though. Happy to have done it, will probably do it again, but it's not important any more. :)

Sergei - - Parent

Can I borrow your "tasty" juggling experience ? )) I expect that juggling while walking can boost serotonin in my brains )))

Maria - - Parent

Juggling while Walking (and turning around) is good for many fun passing patterns, I recommend it!

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

After my first few months of juggling I dropped something (a Cherry Bakewell I think) whilst fumbling around in a high cupboard. The catch was perfect and came out of nowhere. It really surprised me.. it felt super-human, like that scene in The Fly when he catches the fly. I'm actually quite good at catching flies too with my juggling-enhanced lightning reflexes. Mating flies are the best. They're slower when they're mating and opening a hand to release two flies really blows people's minds!

Stephen Meschke - - Parent

Juggling 7 balls for more than 100 catches feels pretty magical. I try to do that every day if I can.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Agreed (for 50-70 catches in my case, and for if I even get these) .. feels unreal when it ``rolls all by itself´´.

Mike Moore - - Parent

Not sure about my first magical moment. I can tell you the first trick I did that I never thought I'd be able to do was 97531. Hitting that for the first time made me very happy!

There have been a few more recently. Mostly little steps toward fully inverted sprung cascade, because I had some doubt that I'd ever be able to do it.

Guili - - Parent

hello sergei!
I wanted to tell you, not about my first magical experience (i've been juggling on-and-off for almost 20 years now!) but about my last one.
yesterday i was practicing for 7 balls (my biggest focus these days). I've been trying it for a few years, but never with these days' stubborness :) . so, yesterday i got to catch the first 5 throws, not much ok, but the trajectory of those balls was so nice, almost perfect... they just landed on my hands...
we all now moments like this last only a few seconds... but when you train for 7b... you really treasure those seconds... since all the rest of the time you will be crawling to retrieve the balls... jajja

Joerg - - Parent

I have learned 3 ball cascade almost 30 years ago and do not remember any magical moment from that time. Finally in 2012 i wanted to learn more and came across a web site called 'kingscascade' with a lot of three ball tricks. I also bought the book 'The Encyclopedia of Ball Juggling' of Chrlie Dancey and wanted to teach myself Mill's Mess. Charlie had a very motivating way to describe tricks: 'The Mill's Mess is the crème de la crème of the three-ball juggling patterns. A tongue-twister of triple trickery! Anti-gravitational hand jive in the key of three balls!'.
A magical moment was when i finally could manage Mill's Mess and directly afterwards i joined a juggling club.

The second magical moment was a year later when I have learned the 5 ball cascade and it feels no longer hard. To cite Charley once more: 'The Five Ball Cascade' is the purest five pall pattern there is. It is a landmark in the juggling carrer of anyone who achieves it, the beginning (and for many the end) of Numbers Juggling. Whenever you see a Five Ball Cascade you can be sure of one thing - that juggler has been practicing a lot'.

I hope for some more moments when 7 ball cascade and 3 ball inverted box feel easy.

Joerg - - Parent

Thanks for the service and taking me 5 years back. I remember that i have learned Mills Mess by the tip: Learn windmill in both directions and then continously change directoin after one round. This does not directly end up in Mills Mess but to something very similar.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Yw, .. jus' wanted to remind it's been archived. - Depending on at which moment, with which throw you start the sidechange it would become Flo's Mess instead Mills Mess; (but there's of course endless more variations for confusion).

Joerg - - Parent

I remember another 'magical' moment: The first time when i can look through a juggling pattern and not focusing at one position. I remember this moment when passing 6 clubs and i could look into the eyes of my partner.

Dee -

Planning your travel arrangements to #EJC2018?

This may help if you are keeping an eye on the website

Under the question in FAQ "Can I arrive early?":

Sure! You’ll be welcome on the campsite from 26th of July, 2 days before.

The subsequent question is "Can I leave later?":

Sure! You’re able to camp until 7th of August, 2 days after.

This may help you decide travel plans.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Thats awesome, I might consider staying a day longer!!! Thanks :D

7b_wizard -

those freaks with their barbelly stooliabolos ( not brandnew, 2016, but I saw it for the first time )

  1. humnh, what an artificial wannabe prop. superflu.
  2. legit. but I can't be into e-ve-ry-thing there is, there's so many interesting props, but I can't get into them all.
  3. interesting, I'd try it out for sure, but not buy one and drag them around with me all the time.
  4. I like that. But they're too big and awkward.
  5. I like them. I'd buy them if they'd be easy to get (and cheap).
  6. soo cool soo freaky! definitely want a set of those.
  7. [ other, .. i own similar .. / .. yesnoyesnoyesmaybemaybenot .. / .. that's not juggling .. / .. I didn't understand that acoustically can you plz repeat .. / .. I'm currently on ginger chocolate and nothing else matters .. ]

Is there a future for these stools? should they be a bit or much smaller and lighter? more conic, convex? better to be gripped on the rim?

This is a competition thread which ran from 31st Jan 2018 to 13th Feb 2018. View results.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Sporthockers are the right size, any smaller and they wouldn't work as a hocker (stool) any more...

Is there a future for sporshockers? Of course! That's why they have been around for so many years now! But maybe not within the juggling community.

7b_wizard - - Parent

>"not work as a hocker anymore, if they were smaller"

.. yes, but maybe work better for juggling. I fancy sitting on the hocker only shortly as the finish for every move or trick would still be possible on smaller ones too. They don't look perfect for juggling to me, so maybe there could be a version adapted for juggling, optimized for easier juggling with them. Or a kind of diabolo shaped prop for juggling with hands, arms, knees, legs, .. more conic and with easier grip then.

Marvin - - Parent

This competition has now ended with 6 votes cast. The results are:

  1.   humnh, what an artificial wannabe prop. superflu. (0 votes)
  2.   legit. but I can't be into e-ve-ry-thing there is, there's so many interesting props, but I can't get into them all. (0 votes)
  3.   interesting, I'd try it out for sure, but not buy one and drag them around with me all the time. (3 votes)
  4.   I like that. But they're too big and awkward. (1 vote)
  5.   I like them. I'd buy them if they'd be easy to get (and cheap). (1 vote)
  6.   soo cool soo freaky! definitely want a set of those. (0 votes)
  7.   [ other, .. i own similar .. / .. yesnoyesnoyesmaybemaybenot .. / .. that's not juggling .. / .. I didn't understand that acoustically can you plz repeat .. / .. I'm currently on ginger chocolate and nothing else matters .. ] (1 vote)

Ilia Poliakov -

Hi! I want to understand one moment:
Which trick is cascade and which is reverse cascade with cross arms
In Records we can see only cascade...

7b_wizard - - Parent

Do you mean how the code / the notation is for "3b reverse cascade with crossed arms"?  ( should be sth like: "[amount of catches] 3b rev cas + x",, "Modifiers" --> "Everything" --> "x - with crossed arms" )

In records, we see only what people logged their records upto now  ( it's not a list of all tricks there are, but it becomes a list of what got logged by actually logging it first ),  .. you can be the first to log a  ".. rev cas + x"  record  ( only when s.o. does so first for a new trick, it will show up in the list ).

Daniel Simu - - Parent

I would assume that when people do cross armed they usually would default to the "outside throw" version. I'm not sure if the outside throw is "reversed", reverse only makes sense if you know what normal is, and normal might be where the right hand makes the same right to left scoop as it does in a normal cascade.

I can't answer your question, the only way to know for sure is to ask all other 4 what version they have done. Version clash is presumably an issue on many tricks where the details are not specified very well...

Daniel Simu -

Another season of Juggle Jabber is coming up!

For those who missed any of the previous ones, here is a list again:

Marco Bonisimo - Football juggler, world records n life stories

Luke Burrage, fight night combat

Gregor Kiock, juggling teacher

Luca Pferdmenges, young prodigy

Matthew Tiffany, old school props & music

Stefan Sing, awareness and audience

Triolar (Liza van Brakel, Ronja Siewert, Anna Emillie Pedersen), passing girls

Jay Gilligan, teaching and directing

Davide Cattaneo, Play juggling props

Manuel Mitasch, Jonglissimo and LED props

Marianna de Sanctis, hoops and expression

11 Episodes is much more than I thought I'd ever make when I started, but I've only gotten more and more excited and there will be another series of Juggle Jabber in 2018. In fact, my first next interview is tomorrow!

In 2018 there will likely be less episodes, but as always I strive for the content to be better. As most of my audience seems to watch this on YouTube rather than as an audio podcast, I'll be attempting to include more video material of the people I'm interviewing. I've learned a lot about audio over the last year and will soon be investing in some better microphones. But I believe most of the value comes from the interviewing and questions themselves. I started out with an attempt to make a relaxed, friendly two way conversation, but as I've started to interview people who I haven't met before (like tomorrow), this becomes more of a challenge and I'm looking for a better direction to take these conversations. I'm schooling myself with online articles about the art of interviewing, but mostly I'll have to gain experience and... feedback!

What would you like to see or hear in 2018 from Juggle Jabber? Who really needs to be interviewed? What kinds of questions interest you most? What is the one thing you wanted to know but I didn't manage to ask it for you? Which topics have I spent too much time on in episode 'x'?

All feedback and critique is very very welcome. Let's record today's jugglers and their thoughts as good as we can, to spread knowledge and inform future generations!


varkor -

Guinness world records for juggling...

I recently heard that for (some/all?) marathon-style events, GWR permits (accumulating) breaks every hour — for example, a 5-minute break every hour. Since the 3- and 4-ball endurance world records were both awarded by GWR, I was wondering whether anyone knew whether this was also the case for the juggling records?

Call me a purist, but it seems that, as impressive as juggling for 12 hours, with only short breaks in, is — it wouldn't be fair to strictly count time after taking breaks, and it'd be nice to know if this was the case for those records. Anyone know, or have any thoughts?

furlisht - - Parent

I'd like to know that as well, I always wondered how a normal human being deals with basic human commodity for 12 hours while juggling!

Scott Seltzer - - Parent

It's been suggested that an adult diaper might be helpful. Also drinking from a straw and being fed carefully.

Kelhoon - - Parent

or a few cycles of "eating the apple" ?

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Once you sign up for doing an actual entry, you get an email including aaalll of the specifications and rules regarding that particular entry (if one has been set before). So I recommend pretending you're going to set something.
I've done so ages ago for a record, wasn't too complicated.

varkor - - Parent

Ah, that's good advice, thank you! I just sent a general enquiry a moment ago, but if they can't give me the information, I shall do that! I'll report back here when I know more.

varkor - - Parent

Their general enquiry reply was a lot of auto-generated nonsense, so I've submitted a record attempt form. Let's see where that goes...

Scott Seltzer - - Parent

Doesn't answer your questions, but here's an interview with the record holder that was just published:

Daniel Simu - - Parent

From the interview: "No breaks allowed and the throwing must alternate hands."

Daniel Simu - - Parent

And then in the promo video posted in the article there is a news caption:
"David Slick goes 12 hours without eating, drinking or bathroom break"

varkor - - Parent

That's much more detailed than anything I managed to find previously, thanks! That seems to support a continuous 12-hour record, which is comforting! (Especially the quotes about training for a long time to be able to do that.)

Jedi Juggler - - Parent

By "must alternate hands", does that mean you can't set records for synchronous patterns? Or would it still be alright since both hands are used? What about siteswaps with a "0" where you end up throwing with the same hand twice?

Daniel Simu - - Parent

I guess for this particular record they want you to throw a cascade, and "must alternate hands" was the way Guinness describes the cascade. Of course one can try and be creative with the rules, but first we must consult the full rule document which Varkor might receive soon.

peterbone - - Parent

I think that the records they allow short breaks for are not skill based. For example, longest time spend video gaming.

Mike Moore -


The IJA is running a (simplifying pretty heavily here) single round of global JUGGLE. Two parts: the first to set tricks/patterns jugglers think others may not be able to do, and the second for everyone to try to do those tricks/patterns. For this round, only toss juggling with balls is allowed (no endurances). Full rules here:

Luke made the very interesting prediction that every trick/pattern will be replicated by at least one other juggler. I'm very interested in this event, and to see if he's right! I'm assuming that there will be about a month allowed to try to replicate others' tricks, but I don't think that's been announced.

Two questions I'm curious about:
Do you think Luke's prediction will hold? If not, which patterns (and by whom) do you think will stand?
Do you like this event?

Daniel Simu - - Parent

I would love to see more juggling challenges, so thank you David for organizing this one!
I've suggested a couple to juggleshare, and since he seems to have disappeared I might run some myself at some point.

This particular challenge, I'm not sure about yet. For one, I might not want to encourage other jugglers to try out my coolest hardest most original tricks. Secondly I think that the incentive to try and beat a trick is relatively low. I might even try a trick that I like, manage to do it, but there is little to gain except for some exposure to then record it on camera. I don't mean that there should be better prizes or something like that, I believe that submitting to a challenge should be inherently interesting. But sure, if people feel like there is a big honor in submitting, it will work!

I do hope that there will be many participants, and I do hope this event sparks of more challenges in the future.
Here is the list of challenges I suggested earlier, anyone is free to take from these directly or as inspiration of course!

Mike Moore - - Parent

"Secondly I think that the incentive to try and beat a trick is relatively low."

While true, if there are any entries near my bailiwick, I'm going after them!

Out of my repertoire of patterns that I feel would be hard to replicate...I feel like they're all poking Haavard into participating. I haven't thought of any that I don't think he could do pretty quickly.

peterbone - - Parent

Alex Barron could just flash 13 balls (not too difficult for him) and no-one else would replicate it. There are others who can do things that no-one else is close to (long runs of 7 balls backcrosses for example). The question is if any of those people will enter.

Mike Moore - - Parent

Considering endurances are off limits, what are some other tricks/patterns you think are unique to certain jugglers?

peterbone - - Parent

I had forgotten that endurance is off limits. However, if Ty Tojo did something like a 7 up from backcrosses that would probably do it. Another off the top of my head would be one of Ofek's crazy multi pirouettes with 7 balls. Another possible way to go about this challenge would be to memorise and juggle a long prime siteswap for one cycle, as probably no-one else would bother to try.

Brook Roberts - - Parent

Submitted. In the process, twice I landed my trick without the camera working (once I didn't start it properly by mistake, and once it ran out of memory 30 seconds before I landed it), and in submitting I discovered to my shame that what I thought was an 8 turned out to be a 7 :/ Interested to see if there are any interesting tricks submitted!

Mike Moore - - Parent

Oo, I'm excited to see what you've done!

I was all psyched to get 32 catches of my trick (four rounds)...then I got sick. 16 catches it is (though I got one take of 24 catches).

Disappointed because I think there's a real plateau after 16 catches that I'd like people to struggle with!

lukeburrage - - Parent

"Luke made the very interesting prediction that every trick/pattern will be replicated by at least one other juggler. I'm very interested in this event, and to see if he's right!"

The reason I think all these tricks will be replicated is that I have history in copying other people's tricks. Check out this project:

There were a few tricks that defeated me, a few that I only ever intended to joke-copy, and a few where I used video editing tricks. But otherwise I managed to copy many, many tricks which I presumed would be beyond me. For example, Alex Barron doing 999333 with the second 3 behind the head? I'd never tried anything like that before! And I got it after about 30 minutes trying. Brook and I got the 8 club double pirouette in one juggling session, even though I'd never done that kind of thing while passing. Loads of stuff I tried for the first time... and usually got what I wanted. On top of that I had to act like the jugglers too.

And I'm not even that good of a juggler compared to many other jugglers who could attempt to copy the tricks of others.

Mike Moore - - Parent

Oh, I'm very aware of this project, it is one of my favourite juggling projects ever done! The suspense, the execution...that was a masterpiece of top 40.

I wonder if people are going to pull out things deeper in their niches for this competition than they usually do. That's what I tried to do for it, anyway. I'm excited to see what was submitted, and who can replicate what.

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