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The Void -

Bungay Balls Up 2018. It's on again! Feel free to add yourselves as attendees at .

View the flier in all its glory at
#BungayBallsUp Flier now with yellow text & drop-shadow! Pick 1 up at #BathUpchuck on Saturday. #juggling #upchuck
— Bungay Balls Up (@BungayBallsUp) February 14, 2018

(Oh, damn, forgot that twit pics don't embed here, click the "pic.twitter" link.)

Check the website for directions, etc.

All the usual fun of the fair, juggling space aplenty, games a go-go, cafe on site, a possible return of the trebuchet, and Charlie's volunteered to run a Taskmaster at some point. All of this and more.

If any FightNighters want there to be one again on the last Sunday this year, then volunteer to run it! I don't fancy it this year, myself, so someone else can run it. (It's quite easy to run, really.)

See you all at the world's longest juggling convention!

Monte - - Parent

Trebuchet will return. The old frame will be extended and a new stronger beam will be made.
This may even be the year when we don't manage to break it.

The Void - - Parent

That's a bold prediction!

Monte - - Parent

Did ''may'' need to be in bold capitals to convey it's meaning accurately for you? (:

The Void - - Parent

I was talking about your second sentence. ( <--- This may or may not be true. I'll tell you in May.) :-)

Monte - - Parent

PM May may ban trebuchets, by May we may know, otherwise it may be true that we may rebuild the frame and beam.

Monte - - Parent

The meadow is currently under about 8 inches of snow. Looks really pretty with totally virgin snow, apart from the rabbit and crow footprints criss crossing it.
Absolutely freezing though, no way the stoves would heat the tents right now.
Roll on May and the lovely warm weather.


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