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Llama_Bill -

Juggling Clubs
Could someone tell me where and when the Juggling Clubs event is? The name makes Googling rather difficult as I can't remember where it was happening.

Orinoco - - Parent

Well reminded, they did tell me they'd add their event to the database at the BJC, but they haven't yet so I've jumped in myself.

The Void - - Parent

You mean the Juggling Edge Events database? Good idea. #JugglingClubs2017

^Tom_ - - Parent

This be the event which is (currently) only available for members of university Juggling Societies?

Llama_Bill - - Parent

I thought they removed that restriction at BJC as people not in societies fancied coming along?

^Tom_ - - Parent

It seems they did. Anyone over 18 is allowed. (see FAQs)

I had thought the restriction was imposed on the event by Lancaster Uni, rather than by design, which would have made this more difficult to remove.

Andrew Jenkins - - Parent


Yes, we worked hard with the university to remove a lot of the initial restrictions and we hope this can encourage more people to come.
Anyone can now attend including under 18's! We'd love you all to come. Tickets are now on sale at only £15!

Hope this clarifies everything


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